7 Habits of Successful Leaders

People often look at leaders and wonder, what do they do differently? How do they achieve this success? What habits do they have that contribute to their drive and their success? After all, becoming a leader isn’t about luck. Good leaders offer value to those they teach, they make the most of the day, and are often exceptional communicators.

Here are seven habits every great leader should have: 

  1. Wake up one hour earlier. Think about how much more you could get done if you had one extra hour in your day. Whether you spend that time meditating, working out, writing or working, take that quiet time before the sun rises and your family is still in bed to have the most productive hour of your day in peace.
  2. Never go to bed with a blue dot. Make sure all your text messages are read, acknowledged and the urgent ones are responded to. No matter who it is, don’t leave a message unread before you turn in for the day.
  3. Think about five things you’re grateful for every day.  Start the day out on positive note and think about five things you’re grateful for. Why get out of bed if you don’t have gratitude for the life you’ve created, the opportunities you’ve been granted, and the people that you’ve surrounded yourself with?
  4. Try to be 1% better than yesterday. Don’t you want to meet the best version of yourself? Don’t you want to constantly be improving yourself? If not, then you’re not living to your fullest potential. Do everything better than yesterday.
  5. Measure your success by the people you provide value to. Our team has read “The Go Giver” a number of times, and one of the biggest takeaways is about value. What value are you providing for your staff and your patients? Count off all the ways that you add value to the people you interact with and measure your success on that.
  6. Master your communication cycle with a high degree of confront. Remember, confront is saying what needs to be said, while remaining comfortable in your own skin. When unaddressed issues are swept under the rug, one breeds unexpressed resentment. Being able to say what needs to be said to anyone with manners, is a communication skill that all leaders should possess.
  7. Follow these two rules of happiness: be willing to experience anything, and only give to others that which they can have. As a leader, this will allow you to remain at cause and help you to avoid being the effect of a situation.

What are your secrets to success? Tell us in the comments.

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