Reopening & Rehiring – Things to Consider

Ask yourself: what is your ideal scene?

This is the point from which you need to work backwards.
For this there are certain items to consider, as this process will undoubtedly vary by individual. But across the board there is a need for you to REFOCUS – which means that you need to consider what your intentions are for yourself, and for your group.

Being a Go-Getter means grabbing the steering wheel of control and driving your group toward the common goals and purposes that you believe in.

Remember, you will never arrive at your destination if you don’t first identify what that destination is. That’s like driving blindly through a sea of unknowns… no one likes that!

Instead, you need your vision of the future of your practice to be in full, vivid color and in all dimensions. Your income, health, relationships, legacy, group happiness, community’s benefit, your professional standing and reputation, and your staff’s professional & personal growth: all of this adds up to be your Ideal Scene!

Here’s our first actionable tool: Make sure your message (brand) aligns with your ideal scene.

Is it time to make the following changes:

Brand – is it time to change the look, logo and/or messaging to further your ideal scene. This relies heavily on your Marketing – as this is the mechanical aspect of building your brand and reputation going directly to your public using the most effective means possible.

Interestingly enough, I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Marketing. Many are out there selling their social media stuff – Search Engine Optimization, Email campaigns etc… Instead, we have found that it takes a “cocktail approach” for practices to succeed in this busy space of physical therapy and to excel in your messaging. The bottom line is that people don’t want to be sold to, they want to be helped. Remember that as you move forward with your Marketing strategies!

Next, there is Staffing – or Rehiring.

Do you have the right staff who will follow your lead through change, who believe in their role as contributors to your vision? Or do you have negative, defiant staff members who feel the need to question your every decision and play devil’s advocate whenever possible?

Worse yet, do you have those who speak badly about you behind your back, or present one thing but do another when it suits them?

You must look closely at the pool of power-players that you choose to surround yourself with and weed out the ones who will bring your group down. Rehire the winners!

Next, there is your hat as a CEO – Have you done the most important step (goal-setting) for the remainder of 2020 by planning out the action steps that you will need to take to achieve your goals?

Have you committed to the fact that you might not know all there is to know in this area of business management, leadership and executive ability and will stop at nothing to invest in yourself and your team to ascend to the level of competency where you can safely delegate with confidence?

This is crucial in business management and comes with the ability to confront and (as always) use transparent communication.

Next we have Policies & Procedures to create not only a new safe environment for every member of your team, but which dictates how you can meet and exceed new compliance regulations. This must be in order to protect yourself, your staff, and your practice from liabilities.

Our next area of evaluation is the reopening of your Production centers – what is this going to be for you moving forward in private practice? Are you finally going to implement that Hybrid model? A Mobile PT practice, an All-Cash PT clinic, Telehealth as 10-15% of your practice production or 20% of your annual gross income being hit by cash-based services?

Now is the time for you to redo your BSP (Business Strategic Plan) and align all your efforts with your passion and ideal scene. Don’t blow it by compromising because you either are unsure of how to do it or you lack the will to put in the effort.

You are in the sea of change, so swim for it. NOW IS THE TIME. If you haven’t started your clinic yet, now is the best time ever!

This process, of course, will be individualized for everyone. But remember that these are the concepts and items that must be implemented for you to continue being that Go-Getter owner. NOW is the time to refocus your efforts and apply the changes necessary to have your practice emerge from 2020 stronger than ever. Work to become self-reliant, and get that ideal scene!

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