Recruiting Top Talent to Your Physical Therapy Practice

Physical therapy is a noble profession that helps individuals regain and improve their health, flexibility and independence. However, the industry has suffered from chronic burnout, which influences a significant lack of quality candidates in the PT talent pool. Frustrated clinicians struggle to hire and retain quality candidates to provide in-demand services. 

MEG Business, a leading solution provider that enhances clinic performance and efficiency, provides tips to help you recruit A-team players to your PT clinic. Discover why changing how you invest in your staff could transform your team. 

Change How You Hire

As an owner, you view the hiring process as a method to choose candidates from the talent pool. However, those candidates vet your clinic just as much as you vet them. Changing your approach to interviewing and hiring candidates is the first step toward a happy, reliable clinic ecosystem.

Choose PT Candidates Based on Values and Personality

One of the secrets to hiring the right candidates involves changing your interviewing mindset. Although you’d like to believe that each candidate values your clinic as much as you, that’s not always the case.

Therefore, you must go beyond recruiting skilled therapists with good credentials on paper. Hiring top talent in physiotherapy means identifying, onboarding and retaining individuals who passionately share your clinic’s values throughout the recruitment process.

Proactively Hire Candidates

To recruit A-team players to your PT clinic, you must avoid reactively hiring candidates. Reactive hiring refers to choosing new staff members just to fill an empty spot. Building a strong PT team means gatekeeping staff membership.
Treat your team like a luxury golf course. Don’t accept new members out of desperation. Always be hiring so that you can find top quality candidates.

Have Realistic Expectations for Positions

A-team players for PT clinics know and focus solely on their roles. Qualified, dedicated candidates don’t want their energy and efforts stretched across multiple positions, even by accident. Ensure you and your new hires remember and stick to their predefined “hats, stats and products.”

Redesign Your Staff Retention Methods

PT clinic staff recruitment is only half the battle. Next, you must implement incentives to help you retain committed clinicians and staff members. Use the following ideas as a launchpad to improve your and your staff’s daily work experience.

Implement a Merit System

Many clinics provide raises, benefit increases, and promotions based on the time a hire stays with the clinic. Change the status quo with a performance-based compensation model. When clinic staff members earn privileges based on merit rather than anniversaries, they do more for you, the patients, and each other.

Craft a Community

All communities consist of several individuals. When you recognize each individual, you strengthen the community setting as a whole. As the owner, you are responsible for leading your staff.

However, leadership requires more than delegation and making demands. It involves learning about each community member’s strengths and weaknesses and creating an environment that cohesively uses the strengths to their advantage.

Emphasize Culture

Therapists and other staff members who feel secure in their roles and comfortable among each other organically craft your clinic culture. Reward your staff’s accomplishments accordingly. Validate their concerns with a listening ear and authentic solutions. These habits will help build a culture of trust and confidence that inherently attracts more patients.

Recruit A-Team Players to Your PT Clinic With MEG Business’s MEG Academy

Physical therapy clinic recruiting and retention methods must evolve with the changing clinical landscape. MEG Business proudly offers courses through MEG Academy to help recruit A-team players to your PT clinic. Unlock practice success and growth with a free demo.

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