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Episode 90: Partnership Vs. No Partnership

This week we’re talking about partnerships. Partnerships are often formed because there is some aspect of business that you don’t want to confront. In general, we don’t recommend opening a practice with a partnership (with few exceptions). This episode, Brian dives into the challenges that business partnerships face, and how to overcome and confront that which you don’t know.


  • 50+% of all marriages (the most common partnership) end in divorce. However, that number has been dropping thanks to the millennials who are getting married later.
  • The two biggest reasons for partnership feuds are time and money.
  • Don’t seek out a partner because there are areas of business you don’t want to confront.
  • As the executive, you have the responsibility of leadership. When you pass off control to another to run areas of your practice you are unwilling to know, you become the effect of that person and/or area because you are still in a condition of unknowingness.
  • Don’t tie yourself up with tasks that are not physical therapy related that you can outsource – such as billing. You can always hire team members with knowledge and skills in areas you are weaker in.
  • Because in partnerships you split profits, partners often work harder than non-partner staff.
  • Cultivate an environment in your practice where people enjoy what they do, and are passionate about helping people.

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