Episode 44: Preparing For the Future of Physical Therapy

Although none of us have a crystal ball, if you are paying any attention at all to the landscape of physical therapy, it’s easy to see that our treatment set up is evolving. 

Take a look at how family/general practitioners are set-up. You have a medical doctor, a certified nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant, followed up by a medical assistant. All of whom can provide reimbursable care to their patients based on the morbidity level of the patient and the educational degree of the professional. This is a tiered approach that encourages the use of care extenders. 

You don’t need to look far for the signs of these pending changes. First, we saw the change in the morbidity level of the evaluation codes we were asked to begin using two years ago, and now it’s the reimbursement that Medicare will be paying physical therapy assistant’s for delivering the same care to the same patients being reduced to 85% of what the DPT will be getting starting in 2022. 

This week’s episode, Brian dives into these predictions and how you can structure your team and practice to prepare for them

Episode at a glance:

  • How to structure your practice with the team approach and how this benefits not just the patients, but also the front desk when it comes to scheduling out the entirety of a patient’s plan of care between two therapists. 
  • Why reimbursement reductions are a huge risk to the PT world and how providers are combatting this with out of network patients and flat rate payments. 
  • Why and how you can hybridize your practice and how this benefits your practice and the patients. 
  • How adding innovative cash based services and administrative standard operating procedures will allow you to compete at high levels as the market changes. 
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