Practice Management Programs to Improve Your Physical Therapy Leadership

When you made the decision to start your business, you took the first step to living the life you always dreamed for yourself and your family.

Whether you’re a new startup physical therapy practice or a battle-hardened physical therapy owner who is ready to expand, you’ve hopefully stayed hungry and purposeful with each step towards reaching your goals. Now, as we’ve reached the second half of 2021, you must ask yourself, “Am I set up for success? Am I utilizing the best tools and talent to get my business where I want it to be?”

If you’re not sure of the answer (or it’s a frustrating “no”), then we have two programs in MEG Academy that can set you on the right path to finish this year strong. Both programs live within our interactive, virtual, career development platform that was built exclusively for the private practice owner. Our goal with each program is to target the tools and techniques needed to improve the quality of life for every owner. As such, we focus specifically on the structure, leadership, and personnel management training that wasn’t covered in PT school.

Two Physical Therapy Owner Programs You Need to Check Out in 2021

Currently, there are two stand-alone programs within MEG Academy that private practice owners can enroll in to help achieve their Best Year Yet in 2021. 

The CEO & Executive Training Program

In-depth and robust training on how to be an effective CEO including the skills necessary to manage others as well as the tools needed to be successful in running a PT practice.

Course 1: Being the Leader of Your Private Practice

This course not only addresses the “doing-ness” of being an effective leader and manager, but also highlights the “being-ness” of a successful CEO. Upon completion, you will be able to run productive meetings, manage your team more effectively, and utilize the tools necessary to keep a pulse on the health of your business.

Course 2: Strategic Planning

This course covers the importance of creating a Business Strategic Plan (BSP) and provides a step-by-step guide on how to execute building a BSP as well as a Marketing Plan to allow the owner to set goals and targets annually.

Course 3: Managing By Statistics

This course reviews the most critical stats and substats to track in a PT Private Practice. This course will help the owner to establish an SOP for stat tracking.

Course 4: The Bonus Structure

This course details the bonus structures for the front desk staff, clinicians, and the marketing coordinator.

The 4 Keys to Private Practice Success Program

Every owner we coach is seeking the work-life balance that’s only possible by creating the right operational processes and people management style. This is what ensures your practice is increasing production and improving the bottom line.

The 4 Keys to Practice Success identifies the formula for physical therapists to work smarter, not harder in the private practice environment.

Designed as a self-assessment tool, this helpful program will evaluate your private practice’s environment, structure, personnel and systems of operation. The purpose is to help physical therapy owners identify what is standing in the way of their success so that they can develop the practice management strategies to improve efficiency and productivity right away.

The program’s output will deliver a full understanding of the path (and milestones along the way) necessary to grow your business and reach your ideal scene in your physical therapy practice. Each course is designed with the physical therapy owner in mind. 

These Courses are Included in the “4 Keys to Success” Program:

Course 1 – Intro To The 4 Keys To Practice Success

  • Chapter 1: The 4 Keys to Business Success
  • Chapter 2: Assessing Your Own Practice

Course 2 – Environment

  • Chapter 1: The Location
  • Chapter 2: The Physical Space
  • Chapter 3: Equipment

Course 3 – Structure

  • Chapter 1: The 4 Types of Owners
  • Chapter 2: The Ideal Structure for PT Private Practice

Course 4 – Personnel

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Exchange and the 4 Types of Employees
  • Chapter 2: Training and Developing Your Staff
  • Chapter 3: Company Culture and Staff Morale

Course 5 – System Of Operations

  • Chapter 1: The Power of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Chapter 2: The Policy & Procedure Manual

See how MEG Academy Can Improve Management and Operations at Your Practice:

To learn more, schedule a free coaching session with our team at MEG Business. This is a limited-time offer with a $477 value! We’ll give you the tools and the talents you need to live the life of a practice owner that you deserve.

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