Practice Evaluation: What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM)

If you’ve seen the term WIIFM, you probably wondered what it meant before learning it’s  “what’s in it for me?” So much of what we’re looking is “what’s in it for us,” for either the benefit of our private practice, the benefit of those who come to participate in our practice, or those who receive services from us at our practice. That’s frankly a large part of why we become private practice owners: to develop a practice that will benefit our public, our employees, and our group within the community.

Often, when practice owners reach in to us and are looking for help, they’re either looking for assistance with something involving personnel or lack of execution of policies and procedures. Or they’re trying to take their group to the next level and need additional resources, training, and/or newer systems of operation to roll out within their practice to do so.

Personnel Issues 

Most of the time the private practice owner knows that their current operations are functioning okay, but they’re lacking the strategies to better deal with their employees. They’re looking for strategies that bring about agreement instead of just being that well-liked owner. They know that keeping the peace, and making everyone happy is backfiring on them.

That’s when a practice evaluation is most useful. We go in and give a reality check as to what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to management. We share what the going metrics are for a practice, what changes need to happen and why. We act in effect as a snow plow for you the owner, to bring about the changes that you’ve been talking about but haven’t been able to enact.

Taking Your Practice to the Next Level

When you put together the personnel handling to get everyone onboard with the future changes you’re trying to make, along with the proper structure and compliance with all the regulations; you have now created a very powerful organization thats ready to operate at a higher level. Practice evaluations are extremely effective in ensuring full compliance in environmental, operational, and medicare/insurance regulation issues.

It is enjoyable for us to see the practice owners we work with and staff grow right before our eyes during these one day practice evaluations. If you’re interested in learning more about practice evaluations, schedule a consultation or take our self-assessment to find out where your areas of opportunity are.

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