Podcast 110: Business as (Un)usual… and What You Can Do About It!

On today’s podcast, Brian hits on the realities of what is needed as a CEO & Leader through this pandemic. He gives his best advice on how to manage the PPP loan, and how to stay grounded and objective during these unusual times. Brian encourages his listeners to look ahead and make the smartest changes for the present moment, and the near future. Tune in to learn how to be the most effective leader possible through these current challenges.

Key Takeaways/Points

  • Be smart about how you use your funds across the 8 weeks
  • A good CEO is creating/planning 3-6 months out
  • Keep the morale of your staff high! Its likely they are feeling uncertain
  • Get the executive ability to Confront
  • Align your practice model with your ideal scene
  • Invest in the greatest asset in your company: your people. Invest in training/educating yourself and your staff!
  • There are certainly going to be operational changes in our profession
  • Now is also the time to make personnel changes to reflect this new environment
  • Key secret to success: hire people with high responsibility level and then invest in them educationally (dont hire the resume)
  • (Now is the BEST time to open a clinic!)
  • Use this time to build your brand!
  • If you keep doing what youre doing, youre going to keep getting what youve got.– Brian

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