Personnel Management Through Statistics & Metrics (Episode 135)

On this podcast, Brian begins by pausing to reminisce on his realizations about becoming a true CEO with work/life balance. He inspires his audience to lead by example, evaluate what type of owner they are, and work backwards from their products to find which stats & metrics they need to accomplish them. If you’re seeking a positive change, start with yourself and learn how important stats & metrics are for PT staff management and leadership.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Your greatest challenge in PT is always the personnel 
  • Acknowledge the person, and validate the performance 
  • Manage by statistics, NEVER by personality 
  • Invest in your staff both personally and professionally 
  • Who you are is more important than what you accomplish 
  • Evaluate what type of owner you are 
  • Don’t get reasonable with your staff 
  • Work from metrics/stats on Org Board 
  • Be transparent about why these stats and products matter 
  • Your accounts receivable should never be over 15% over 90 days old (Billing metric) 
  • Make sure your staff knows how the statistics stack up in the overall company 


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