Episode 97: People Don’t Leave Companies, They Leave Managers

It’s been proven time and again that success requires sacrifice. In this episode, Brian breaks down the requisite steps for achieving your goals and outlines the fundamental differences in mindset between those who succeed professionally, and those who do not. Be open-minded, willing to learn, and willing to push through what others simply won’t. It’s all about your viewpoint. 


  • People respond to the energy they feel around them.
  • Think outside what you’re taught in Physical Therapy school – don’t trust everything from academia. 
  • Be willing to look and solve problems creatively – like a leader.
  • Reasons for going to physical therapy school: provide the best care possible to best impact the patient’s life; and/or help as many people as you possibly can in your community.
  • Learn from your seniors/mentors.
  • Be transparent! You, as a manager, reflect your company. Having open comunication will result in staff retention. 
  • Demonstrate your willingness to sacrifice to the degree that’s necessary so that people are confident in your commitment to your goals.
  • Put a Career Development training program in place in your clinic to show your staff you care about their professional development. This is what most professionals want. 
  • Ask yourself: Is it an employee problem or an employer (you) problem?
  • Admin is JUST as important as treatment.
  • Don’t let it be “just a job,” make it a game!
  • Rule: have a status sheet that illustrates what they (employee) are accountable to perform, and what you (employer) are accountable for in return. Then, for the first 90 days, hold brief follow-up meetings to make sure everything is going smoothly – open communication!
  • Create the company culture where people matter. 

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