New Technologies: How to Create the Safest Physical Therapy Environment

In the continued pursuit of creating safe, purified Physical Therapy practices, we spoke with Gary Bowen from Aerus (formerly Electrolux) in New Port Richey, FL. He shared with us how their air purification technology, from a company that’s over 90 years old and with 3,000 branches worldwide, is changing the game for air purification in physical therapy clinics and businesses across the nation. 

First off, let’s establish the level of tech that we’re talking about. 

The air purification system, specifically a product called ActivePure, was developed with NASA. “We helped them design the technology that they use to purify the air in the International Space Station today,” states Bowen. 

“Air inside the home can be up to 10% more polluted than outside. Wherever the air is, it (ActivePure) is.”

Not only has this tech been honored by the Smithsonian, but it was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2017.

We asked Bowen for a basic description of the technology and how effective it is. 

“(ActivePure) goes through the air to disinfect everything. Every corner of the air, every surface, even into the fabrics. This prevents you from having to constantly clean and wipe things down.” 

In our experience, we have personally found that it uses a very low amount of electricity, in addition to the products being competitively priced (we’re talking a fraction of what you would find out there!) 

“Independent labs have taken the product and tested it against everything from RNA & DNA viruses and bacteria, to funghi, to MRSA. It was tested by independent FDA labs against everything, and passed with flying colors.”

More data on its effectiveness:

“FDA Certified Compliant Laboratory Testing Results:

Reduction of airborne contaminants (RNA Virus) was 99.99% after 60 minutes of treatment. Similar reduction statistics were seen with DNA Virus, Staph Bacteria, fungal molds and bacterial molds.

Scientific data like this repeatedly shows that ActivePure is the most powerful air purification technology ever discovered.” 

And that’s not even the most impressive part…

“It was tested against Covid-19 live cultures, and after 7 hours, it was 99.998% disinfected.” 

That is incredible news. 

We’re not trying to propose the single key to saving the world here, but we do think private practice owners need to know the powerful technology that is available to them. We are also not trying to suggest that you deviate from CDC guidelines, but with a virus that has been thought to be airborne, Aerus technology just provides a stronger layer of safety and protection. 

At the end of the day, we need our patients to feel safe. And having a plaque hanging in your storefront window ensuring that all who enter are breathing safe, clean, disinfected air is just another step closer to returning to our beloved “normal.” 

This technology is already used by “over 30 major league baseball locker rooms, hospitals, Liberty Bell museums and 9/11 museums” says Gary. And that list continues to grow. 

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use Aerus in your clinic: 

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  • Call: 1 727-312-5003
  • Use CODE: PT1512 (tell them you found them through MEG!)
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