New Practice Management Courses and Tools are LIVE in MEG Academy 6.0!

The world of physical therapy is always changing and, as practice owners, you must adapt to succeed. From operating principles to hiring strategies to business models to innovative clinical environments, your practice needs to stay on the cutting edge of the industry to stand out from the competition.

That’s why MEG is always innovating and producing new content and resources to share with our MEG Academy members. If you’re not familiar with MEG Academy, this is our interactive, virtual career development and practice management platform that bridges the gap from what you learned in Physical Therapy school to what you must know to be a thriving, successful private practice owner. It includes eLearning videos, tutorials, quizzes, handout material, coaching hours and access to our entire community of practice owners across the country. 

Our goal is always to provide our clients with the most up-to-date tools, training and technology available, year after year. 

We’re excited to announce the rollout of MEG Academy 6.0!

Check out this video introduction from MEG’s Owner and Founder, Brian Gallagher, PT:

Next, be sure to check out the new content, updates and more that hit our virtual platform this week. To assist with this rollout, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions so that you have everything you need to know about our new-and-improved MEG Academy:

MEG Academy 6.0 Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What’s NEW in MEG Academy?

  • Selling & Succession Planning

The new Selling & Succession Planning program is designed to provide physical therapy private practice owners with an understanding of the key concepts, strategies and skills needed to successfully sell or plan for the succession of their practice. This has been added to a current program which has been renamed to capture this new content: the Scaling, Expansion and Selling Program.

  • Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Program

This program has gotten a thorough facelift to account for the modern challenges we’re facing in the world of hiring and retaining. Our strategies in this program are more relevant, powerful and specific than ever before.  

This program features 4 new courses, with 13 brand new chapters and 6 new role play videos for skill enhancement. The “5 Phase Hiring Program” (a tool that we coach on often) has also been updated to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your hiring process using technology to find and close the best candidates. 

We also bring you 5 new tools in the coveted “Filevault” to streamline your recruiting and hiring process. 

  • The Progressive PT Practice Model 

To overcome the challenges of reduced reimbursement, rising operational costs and staffing issues, practice owners need to proactively change their approach to patient care delivery. We’ve worked to optimize the traditional fee-for-service model for years, but it is no longer effective or viable. Instead, owners must think innovatively to redefine the blueprint for physical therapy private practice. This requires a strategic reassessment of how we can create businesses that are robust and self-sustaining, allowing therapists to have greater control over patient care decisions.

We’ve just released two new chapters on this hot topic that cover both the need for this new model and how to effectively implement it into your practice. 

  • How to Implement the Pay for Performance Model 

We continue to get questions about how to implement this top compensation model, and your answers are all here! We have a new chapter that includes the logistics and a step-by-step process for rolling out the Pay for Performance Model in your practice. 


2. Are there any Compliance updates?

Yes! In our popular Ethics & Compliance Program we now bring you a new course, called Alternative Services, to help you stay compliant while adding wellness programs, cash-based services and community outreach programs. 

We also have all new chapters on:

  • Good Faith Estimate & Risk Mitigation Workflows
  • New Billing Highlights chapter that includes case studies, AMA vs Medicare billing examples and caseload estimation exercises

3. What is the most popular program in MEG Academy?

That would be our full Platinum Package, which includes all Masters Programs, Staff Certification programs and our robust Ethics & Compliance course!

It also includes: 

  • Two full access users
  • Six certification users 
  • Compliance Program Access
  • Access to all Executive Programs 
  • Access to all Certification Programs 
  • Mastermind Slack Access 
  • Monthly Zoom Group Forum Access 
  • 15 mins or less coaching by phone
  • Two Coaching Hours with Compliance Expert Daniel Hirsch, DPT
  • Access to Filevault specific to Platinum Package
  • Policy & Procedure Manual Access

4. Do I need to pay more to access these updates?

No. If you are already a MEG Academy member, these upgrades are included in your annual renewal fee and are yours, forever! If you are currently enrolling in courses a la carte, schedule a call with Jennifer to learn how to upgrade to Platinum and get full access to all the courses and coaching you need to live your ideal scene.

5. How do I join MEG Academy?

MEG Academy has never been so streamlined and accessible for your success in private practice. Book a free demo with one of our seasoned coaches to see how we can help you join the top 10% of practices nationwide. 

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