MEG’s PPS 2022 Recap: Learning, Connecting and Growing in Aurora, CO

Let’s be honest: We’re still wired after all the conversations, sessions and connections we enjoyed at the Gaylord Rockies last week for the APTA’s Private Practice Section 2022 Conference & Exhibition. 

Across our exhibit hall booth, a co-hosted party with Prompt, sponsored workshop launching a new program and Brian and Nicole’s in-depth session on the keynote stage, the MEG team had the absolute privilege of embracing the PT industry and being embraced right back. 

Every year, we begin planning months ahead of time to prepare for the impact APTA’s conference and exhibition brings, but it turns out that nothing can prepare you. We certainly weren’t prepared for the level of excitement our clients would bring. From supporting us at the booth, events and sessions to introducing us to new, passionate owners ready to take the next step in their practice – we couldn’t appreciate it (and you) enough. 

Let’s recap some of our highlights of APTA’s PPS 2022:

The booth: Tucked into our corner, we ended up having a relatively private spot to hang out with clients, partners and new friends. And while this is likely the last time we try to fit that many people into that small of a space, it was a pleasure to share it with you. 🙂

The party: We were so lucky to grow our social mixer from past PPS conferences and partner with the Prompt team to make it possible. From the signature cocktails to the speeches to the ski lift photo booth, we couldn’t stop smiling. And, as Jason Waz from NeuPTtech said, “You know it’s a good group of people when they stick around talking for an hour after the booze stops being served!”

The workshop: MEG tried something different this year. Alongside insights from the team and digging into the current challenges facing PT owners, we released a free new program. If you missed it, Elevate 57 was our free daily development program that started Saturday, November 5th and is meant to challenge your thinking, strategies and tactics to ensure you’re set come January 1, 2023. As long as you don’t mind doing some makeup work – enroll here!

The main session: We have to admit – Nicole and Brian look good on the main stage. Together, they tackled solutions to solve the “Supply Chain Shortage” for PTs. Their in-depth discussion highlighted ways to hire and retain the best personnel so you can grow your practice and get out of the hiring loop. If you’d like access to the slides, please email

The moments in between: All throughout the conference, MEG was so privileged to stack moments that matter. Whether it was embracing our clients, meeting a new owner eager to find a better way to do business, introducing partners, learning about all the exciting technology and emerging brands in our industry or just staying up too late to get another hour with our friends – PPS provided opportunities for impact that we won’t soon forget. We hope to see you all again soon!

Hear from the MEG team on what made PPS 2022 special: (SPOILER: It was you!)

BRIAN: For me, it’s all about genuine connections. And some develop over years of just putting yourself out there in the industry as a source of help. One conversation at PPS stands out when I was told, “I don’t know if you remember me but I heard you talk in 2017 to my graduating class and found you to be honest and sincere about your experience in this industry. That led me to going into private practice far sooner than I would have otherwise. After listening to your podcasts these past couple of years and now meeting your team, I know I’m with a group that can help me reach my goals.” That’s what it’s all about.

JENNIFER: I truly enjoyed hearing first-hand from our clients what an impact our services have had on their business and the growth they have experienced as a result.

NICOLE: It was an honor and a privilege to stand on stage next to Brian Gallagher and deliver our presentation to my Physical Therapy peers – many of whom are MEG clients. The outpouring of appreciation for the work MEG does to help clinicians was incredibly validating and rewarding.

LAURA: I had the opportunity to sit down and interview several of our clients. It was incredible to hear all the ways MEG has deeply impacted their lives, both personally and professionally. Their stories will stay with me for a long time and make me even more grateful to have the opportunity to share winning formulas with other private practice owners.

DENISE: PPS is always the best time to reconnect with clients and get to meet their friends and first-time attendees. The relationships we have built over the past year’s conferences always strengthen when we get together at these events!

PETER: The hardest part is having to wait a whole year to be with everyone again. From the first day of the event onward, it’s always so energizing to turn a corner and run into another familiar, friendly face and have the opportunity to catch up on life and business with excited, driven individuals who are all looking out for each other.

AMY: I was truly amazed and inspired by the incredibly talented and ambitious clients and owners I met at PPS 2022. I left with a renewed vigor to pursue the mission of MEG by helping owners live the life of the practice owner they’ve always envisioned.

MATTHEW: PPS 2022 was amazing! I am proud to be a part of a team that strives every year to have a more substantial presence so that we can reach new owners and help them take their practice into the top 10%. Get ready PPS 2023!

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