MEG’s Physical Therapy Podcast Unlocks Secrets of Success for Private Practice Owners

If you’re a private practice owner looking for the best physical therapy podcast to unlock secrets of business success, look no further.

Balancing clinical excellence, business management and growth despite reimbursement challenges, labor shortages and more can be a daunting task. What if, every week, you could hear from successful owners and practice management coaches who talk through the ins and outs of each challenge and show you how to turn it into an opportunity? 

The MEG Business Management podcast, “Physical Therapy Private Practice: Secrets of the Top 10%,” hosted by Brian Gallagher, PT, is an essential resource for physical therapy owners and clinicians looking to thrive in their private practice. It was even rated as a top 10 healthcare podcast by WebPT for its role in helping PTs (who didn’t go to business school) bring the right operational and leadership mindset into their practice so they can start working ON their business rather than IN it. 

Let’s explore the 7 pillars of value that can be gleaned by listening to this podcast and map out how each pillar can play a role in transforming your practice, whether you’re just starting up or looking to expand.

7 Pillars of Value from MEG’s Weekly Physical Therapy Podcast

  1. Industry Insights: The MEG Business Management podcast offers valuable insights into the physical therapy industry, including the latest trends, emerging technologies and best practices. By staying up-to-date with this information, physical therapists and private practice owners can make trusted, informed decisions to grow their practices and improve patient care.
  2. Expert Advice: The podcast host, Brian Gallagher, PT, has over 30 years of experience in the physical therapy field, giving him a wealth of knowledge to share with listeners. His expertise in launching, growing and selling practices allows him to offer practical advice on various aspects of running a successful private practice.
  3. Comprehensive Topics: The podcast covers a wide range of topics crucial for physical therapists and private practice owners, such as marketing, staffing, finance, operations and patient experience. This comprehensive approach ensures that listeners gain a well-rounded understanding of the challenges and opportunities in private practice.
  4. Practice Management Coaching: The MEG Business Management podcast goes beyond clinical topics to provide listeners with the business tools and strategies necessary to excel in managing and growing their practice. Each podcast introduces resources for areas like marketing, staff management, billing and collections, productivity and more. By implementing these solutions, leaders can improve their practice’s efficiency, profitability and reputation.
  5. Time-Efficient Learning: Podcasts are an excellent medium for busy professionals since they can be listened to during commutes, workouts or downtime. This award winning physical therapy podcast gives PTs and private practice owners valuable information and strategies without dedicating extra time for traditional learning methods.
  6. Real-Life Case Studies: This PT-focused podcast often features interviews with successful physical therapy practice owners and experts who share their experiences and lessons learned. These real-life case studies provide listeners with practical examples of what works and what doesn’t, helping them avoid common pitfalls and implement effective strategies.
  7. Community Building: Beyond just business management, this podcast connects physical therapists and private practice owners with a like-minded community of professionals who share similar goals and challenges. This sense of community can provide invaluable support, encouragement and networking opportunities that extend to APTA events and more.

Covering almost every PT topic imaginable, the “Physical Therapy Private Practice: Secrets of the Top 10%” podcast is an invaluable resource for physical therapists and private practice owners. It shares expert advice, actionable strategies, and continuous learning opportunities from someone who has been in their shoes and can empower them to not only excel in their practices but also provide top-notch patient care while they do it.

If you’re looking to get unstuck, be motivated or level up your practice, listen today!

MEG Physical Therapy Podcast

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