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MEG’s Attitude of Gratitude This Holiday Season

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we step into the holiday season, we wanted to take this opportunity to embrace an attitude of gratitude – to celebrate the year thus far and to set ourselves up for greatness in the rapidly-approaching new year. 

As you know, a large part of what we do is coach on the leadership mindset for practice owners in the physical therapy industry by way of our robust MEG Academy training. The leadership mindset not only includes the quest to become the best versions of ourselves, but also includes a willingness to shift the paradigm and “throw away the box” versus just thinking outside of it to provide better, more innovative care for our communities. 

We love providing the opportunity for PT professionals to elevate themselves against the backdrop of the best profession out there! We are beyond grateful to be working to further the physical therapy industry, where the point is to give more in value to our patients than we ever expect in return

How are we continually challenging ourselves to help you do this? 

For starters, we’ve expanded our services significantly over the past year. We recently rolled out our brand new Virtual Front Desk service that allows the private practice owner to stop the revolving door at your front desk and outsource those services to the experts. We provide a highly-trained, reliable team that remotely manages the front desk operations to improve the quality of your patient experience and optimize your clinic’s performance. If you haven’t considered outsourcing for your practice yet, the time is now!

We also would like to express our gratitude to the APTA for inviting us back for another exciting year at the Annual PPS Conference! This year, we took the stage at Aurora, CO for a timely discussion on “Solving the Supply Chain Shortage – How to Hire & Retain the Best Personnel.”

APTA PPS 2022 Session from MEG

If that wasn’t enough, we also conducted a (packed!) Sponsored Session where we addressed the audience’s two biggest private practice challenges in 45 minutes. This is where we announced our Elevate 57 Program – a free, daily challenge to finish the year strong with actionable activities and key steps to elevate your business and yourself. 

Laura Loman and Brian Gallagher

But perhaps the greatest reward from being at PPS was being able to hear first-hand all the ways that we’ve changed our client’s lives for the better. Feeling their appreciation and gratitude meant everything to us! 

The MEG Team at PPS

We loved being able to share our latest and greatest tools and strategies to help propel you to the top 10% at this live event. If we missed you at PPS, keep an eye on your state chapter agenda, as Brian will be presenting throughout the country in the new year. And we hope to see you in Austin, TX for PPS 2023! 

Everything we do – every new tip, connection or piece of technology – is shared with the intent to serve YOU. And wherever you look (our YouTube channel, the Secrets of the Top 10% podcast, social media, etc) you can see how we strive to outpace yesterday and raise the bar of how to make your life easier in private practice. You are the star of our show. 

We wish you a wonderful holiday week filled with joy and surrounded by loved ones – you deserve it. 

Do you have specific goals that you’d like to achieve before the end of the year? Check out our Four Keys to Practice Success program to kickstart your success:
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