MEG Practice Management Speaking Events (That You Don’t Want to Miss!)

We love connecting with our audience through various channels such as social media, blogging, YouTube, podcasts and Zoomcasts.

Yet, it’s hard to replace the inherent rush found in live events, such as APTA’s Private Practice Annual Conference, Combined Sections Meeting, and WebPT’s Ascend – all wonderful outlets for physical therapists looking to strengthen their careers, private practices and patient programs. 

This is why we wanted to take a moment to make you aware of all the places that you can connect with MEG live this spring (both virtually and in-person) to ask your questions and get our golden nuggets of tools and strategies on a variety of private practice management topics. 

First and foremost, while we were disappointed that we couldn’t attend in-person due to weather, we are thrilled that you can still watch our CSM 2022 session “From Purpose To Profits Through Celebration, Recognition, and Policy” on-demand through the rest of March 2022! In this session, learn how to align the purposes between you and your staff, and celebrate the specific changes that encourage greater participation and motivation.

In April, Brian Gallagher will once more take the stage at APTA Iowa’s Live Spring Conference on April 8th! If you are a physical therapist in Iowa, don’t miss this all-day event where Brian will be speaking about the business of PT and professional development!

Next, Brian will present virtually for APTA Delaware on the topic of “Bridging the Gap from Student to Practice Owner” – discussing how to be a successful private practice owner and leader, Marketing in today’s environment, and how to achieve those crucial income verticals. Look out for this virtual event on April 20th!

On April 30th, Brian returns to the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his presentation for the Oregon Physical Therapists in Independent Practice (OPTIP) which will be live on the topic of “Balancing Your Way to PT Professional Success” and will be broken down into three parts, all specifically geared towards the practice owner and executive. If you are a PT in private practice in the state of Oregon, consider joining this independent group for this and other great opportunities!

Last, but far from least, Brian will be presenting live at WebPT’s Ascend Conference in Charlotte, NC on May 21st! He’s very excited to discuss “The Intrapreneur vs. Entrepreneur: Finding Your Path to Private Practice Success” – where he will delve passionately into the roles and responsibilities of each position and encourage the audience to evaluate which path is best for them to take in their private practice journey. Join the MEG team at this awesome business summit! 

Also, we wouldn’t miss APTA’s PPS Annual Conference 2022, and neither should you! Look out for more details on this in the coming months. 

We can’t wait to connect with you at your local event, and if we missed you this time, stay tuned for updates on which states Brian will be speaking at in the fall and the next national conference where you can meet MEG!

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