MEG Academy Success Stories in 2022

At MEG, our philosophy centers around the concept of coaching and training, versus consulting and teaching. This ensures that the steps you take towards success in physical therapy private practice are actionable, measurable and effective. 

An example of this is in our personnel management training, where we coach our practice owners how to always manage by stats & metrics, never by personality. This way the actions of the employee have a chance to speak louder than words!

We aim to hold ourselves to the same standard. 

While our business model has evolved since we started helping owners back in 2006, the heart of our purpose remains: 

To improve your life and your practice with our comprehensive virtual training systems, coaching and physical therapy solutions that are based on the award-winning principles and processes of the top 10% of private practices and have helped thousands of physical therapy owners like you succeed.

But don’t take it from us. We’ve compiled a list of testimonials that we’ve received just this past summer that further prove how MEG is “The Physical Therapy Owner’s #1 Practice Management Solution.” 

Practice Owner in California: 

“I opened my doors on May 10, 2021 as a new startup clinic in an area dense with physical therapy clinics in Southern California. By October of 2021, I was seeing an average of 55 patients a week and breaking even from a business financial standpoint. The clinic has continued to grow as I increased visits per week up to 68-75.  

Having MEG’s support in regards to credentialing and billing allowed me to focus more on the business, knowing those other areas were being taken care of. I have been looking to hire another PT for the past 8 months and finally found a great hire to help free me up so that I can now get out of the office to grow the business more. I know that my onboarding of my new hire is going to be great as the training MEG provides my staff to create the environment I want has been invaluable! I am looking forward to the new challenge of scaling my practice and I know that with the support of MEG and the community behind it I will have what I need to be successful.  

As Brian Gallagher states, we all went to school to become great PTs, not necessary to become CEOs. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of MEG Business.”


This incredible feedback reveals how MEG is a committed partner to your business, and how owners trust that we will get them results! 

With MEG Academy giving you and your staff the management training that you didn’t get in physical therapy school, paired with our outsourced Physical Therapy Billing and Physical Therapy Credentialing solutions to keep you working on your business instead of in it, you become a force to be reckoned with. 

By joining MEG Academy, you also step into our community: a family of practice owners from across the country who support, advise and enrich you on your journey in physical therapy private practice. We know that running your own company can be lonely and challenging at times, so don’t do it alone!

Practice Owner in Pennsylvania:

“We implemented the PCR (Patient Care Representative) and the staff training is wonderful. Overall it’s allowed me to add more structure – we were three practices and now we’re seven!”


The training in MEG Academy is not just to enhance your leadership and ownership skills, but is also meant to train your key employees to ensure that your organization is consistent and competent – resulting in less turnover and greater staff retention!

This further displays our emphasis on scaling and expansion (two different things!) and how MEG enables you to grow into your ideal scene in private practice. 

We’ll end with this short and sweet quote, by one of our great owners in Missouri.

Practice Owner in Missouri

“Everything MEG Academy does is wonderful. The structure and organization is a great guideline to go by.” 


Our goal is to be your resource for all things physical therapy private practice. But it doesn’t stop there, we also support OT and Speech therapists! Our tools and services can easily be applied to these adjacent fields. 

We know there are about a million things to juggle when opening or expanding a private practice, so don’t walk the path alone. Pick up where PT School left off for training in all areas of business organization, personnel management, compliance and beyond. We are here for you!

Not sure how you currently stack up? Take our 3-min quiz to see which areas you can improve in before the end of the year!

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