Episode 62: Lead Your Staff, Don’t Let Them Lead You

Have you ever felt like you were walking on eggshells around your staff? Or, maybe you felt like you needed to think twice about what you wanted to say to a staff member for fear of upsetting them, or worse that they might quit? These are all symptoms of a bigger problem. They show a lack of leadership and lack of confront. There are only two ways you can be and only one of them can exist at any one time. You can either be in control and be at cause over what is going on and what is being done by you. Or, you can be the effect of others and what is going on to you.   


  • Lacking self-confidence is the main reason for a lack of leadership and lack of ability to confront others. Remedy this by getting training and experience. Demonstrate leadership through certainty.
  • People work for you not with you. Your clinic is not a democracy.
  • Transparency breeds trust. Understand why this so vital to your practice in terms of building trust, rapport, and loyalty among your staff.
  • Take on the viewpoint that it’s a game. You need to know the components of the game, and you need to know your opponent – hint: it’s not the office down the street and it’s not your staff.
  • There is no such thing as luck. It’s loyalty brought forward from past performances.
  • Know how to build respect based on discipline and integrity. You are the decision maker of the practice, be clear that your staff has a voice but you make the final decisions.
  • Time is the most important commodity. Spend it on those activities and actions that are most important to you. Show your staff, patients, community and referral sources how important they are to you by giving them your time.
  • Hold your staff accountable with good manners, good communications, and good policies and procedures.

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