Introducing MEG Academy, Version 5.0

At this point, it’s hard to believe that MEG Academy used to be live training performed by Brian Gallagher, PT as he jet set around the country helping PT owners develop the practice management systems and skills necessary to be successful.

And while the training, tools and techniques are now presented on a digital stage with our award-winning physical therapy LMS program, our philosophy remains cemented in two pillars of what breeds success in this industry: 

  1. As CEO, it all starts with your mindset. Sure, you need to mix in the proven strategies and tools that we share to improve your operations, environment, personnel, etc. But you can’t become a success if you’re standing in your own way.
  2. With your growth mindset, you must surround yourself with the talented individuals – from the personnel that you invest in to the leaders who have walked (or are currently walking) the same path as you. In this way, it’s true what they say: your network is your net worth.

Virtual Practice Management Training for Physical Therapists

Since 2006, MEG Business has used licensed business management coaches, led by Brian Gallagher, to develop comprehensive, useful content geared toward private practice. MEG Academy actually became the first interactive, virtual training and development program geared towards leadership and business skills for physical therapy owners when it launched over 5 years ago. 

The reason hundreds of physical therapists have become members is because MEG Academy bridges the gap from what they learned in physical therapy school to what it takes to be a thriving business owner. The videos, tutorials and handouts included are what separates these owners from the PTs struggling to stand out or just puttering along with the status quo. 

What’s Included with MEG Academy Membership

MEG Academy is made up of 12 detailed programs that cover all aspects of PT practice from starting up to expanding and scaling. From outlining Company Structure to CEO & Executive training to Personnel Management to optimizing Systems of Operations to Billing & Collections – there is something to solve every need for your private practice.  

Alongside these programs, MEG Academy has 8 Staff Certifications that align with the Masters curriculum mentioned above to ensure you get the most out of your personnel investment. These trainings improve your onboarding and retention by creating a more consistent, standardized experience for your staff while giving them the necessary tools to succeed.

Additionally, there are some big perks to a MEG Academy membership, including:

  • 24/7 access to the interactive virtual training – this year round access includes free upgrades.
  • Exclusive access to a Mastermind group made up of owners just like you – this is a great space to ask and answer questions from your peers.
  • File vault access to all the Mastermind and Zoomcast videos covering hundreds of topics that are central to running a private practice.
  • Handouts, assessments and tutorials that provide real-life application of the training principles that are discussed, taking this from theory to practice.

What’s Included in the NEW MEG Academy, Version 5.0:

As of June 2022, we’ve added hundreds of new videos, some powerful tools and even a brand new program to help you take your practice to the next level. Here are some of the additions you can use today:

  • Practice Environment Program – We’ve added several video updates as well as a whole new course on why and how to complete a Comprehensive Market and Competitor Analysis which includes new role plays and tools. 
  • CEO & Executive Program –  There is new leadership training content built in and a brand new course on building an all-encompassing Business Strategic Plan.
  • Marketing Enhancement Program – Check out the refreshed chapters in this popular program with additional insights into digital marketing tactics that you can implement.
  • Pediatrics Program – Have the itch to niche? This entirely new program features 7 courses and 26 chapters of peds specific strategies that will help you build a successful pediatric private practice.

Take an Exclusive Look Into MEG Academy

If you’d like to take this virtual practice management program for a test-spin, we would like to offer you a free, exclusive look into 3 chapters within MEG Academy’s Masters Curriculum.

Request access here and if you’d like to hear more about the platform, please book time with our client specialist, Jenn to find out if it’s right for you. 

MEG Academy programs for Physical Therapy

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