Innovative Technology That Every Physical Therapist Should Know

It has been hard to ignore the growing importance of technology throughout the previous months. 

Whether it’s video chat platforms, tools for working from home, or our usual dose of content streaming, technology has lodged itself into an even more prominent and immovable part of our lives. 

Remember, a CEO or Physical Therapy owner should be creating on their practice anywhere from 6-12 months out, so even if this exploration into physical therapy digital technology seems premature, we promise it’s not! You must be thinking ahead if you are to actively operate as a CEO. 

This is why we jumped at the opportunity to chat with Vikram Sethuraman, Founder & CEO of PT Wired

 As he entered the physical therapy world from the patient side, Vikram saw an opportunity for change by evolving a physical therapist’s home exercise program for the patient from mere scribbles on a page, to an innovative, customizable and convenient mobile app! 

Vikram realized that along with the modern conveniences that we’ve grown so accustomed to, we should be able to access our exercise programs from physical therapists in an updated fashion – which in turn leads to more completed plans of care, more patient retention and overall, the achievement of optimum health results!

Vikram found that better connecting people to their exercises helps retain them as patients and benefits them within their treatment plan, exponentially. After all, it is easier to invest in your existing clients than to work to acquire new ones.

This HIPAA complaint, app-based home exercise program is fully customizable to adhere to your clinic’s brand and marketing efforts. It provides engagement and content for the patient to explore, much like a website! 

Even more impressive (from the therapist’s perspective) is that one can build the home exercise program on the app in 2 minutes or less… 60-90 seconds to be exact!

Furthermore, the therapist can see everything the patient does on the app to provide accountability, and an interactive gamification approach makes the patient’s experience fun, making them a super-fan for life!

Oh, and did we mention that it was HIPAA secure? 

The two biggest reasons for lack of compliance with a patient stem from either a lack of 1) social engagement or 2) time. 

With this innovative and advanced technology, the patient can message their physical therapist and have their programs immediately at their fingertips. The process couldn’t be more efficient! 

This technology has truly upped the game of compliance, and creates an exceptional experience for returning patients.

If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s that we cannot be afraid to adapt to change. Be a patient-care advocate and invest in the future of your clinic. Find ways to improve your patient’s experience by exploring intuitive, accessible and engaging new forms of technology that are changing the physical therapy world for the better. 

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