recruit and retain good clinicians for your practice

How to Recruit and Retain Good Clinicians for Your Practice

Let’s talk about the kind of personnel management you need to run a successful private practice.

You’ve heard the expression, “People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses.” 

It’s a reminder that our leadership is the foundation of the workplace. If we aren’t nurturing a clinic environment that is a safe and inviting place for our clinicians to treat patients, how can we expect them to perform at their best? And, how can you not expect that toxicity to reach the patient experience as a result of bad leadership?

Conversely, when we motivate our team, we maintain them.

At MEG Business Management, we’ve spent the last two decades training owners to be leaders. Being one doesn’t make you the other. While you make a choice to be an owner, you must make a second, purposeful decision to be the leader your practice needs.

We’ve learned that, in all of the schooling that you excelled through, the focus never shifted to what it would take to run a business and manage the productivity of your people. What started out as one-on-one consulting with private practices all over the country eventually became MEG Academy – the first virtual practice management LMS platform to train you and your staff with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for you, the practice owner. This is done by giving a fresh, expert perspective on the structure, leadership, environment and personnel management necessary to be successful. 

You know – all the stuff that wasn’t taught in PT school.

Within MEG Academy, we cover leadership training extensively in our Personnel Management Program. This training covers the development of the interpersonal skills necessary to improve communication, gain agreement and handle a variety of situations.

We believe that by addressing the “soft skills” within your employees, you not only strengthen them as people, but as clinicians who affect the patient experience. 

The Personnel Management Program covers a variety of topics including how physical therapy owners can retain good clinicians for their private practice. While you may not have the space to copy Google by putting ping pong tables and free sandwiches all over the place, you do have the means to create an employee-focused culture that starts from the top down.

Our experience is now condensed into three helpful courses that help you inject your company’s mission and values into the employee experience, improving recruiting and retention.

Breakdown of our Personnel Management Program Courses:

Course 1: Conflict Resolution – This goes back to which “soft skills” it takes to be a good manager. Along with showing leaders how to resolve typical business issues, this course covers how you can lead with high personal integrity and build a better company culture within your clinic.

Course 2: The 4 Flows of Management – Ready for some role play? This course mixes lecture with role play to demonstrate how to handle 4 common management situations – when the employee is upset with the employer, when the employer is upset with the employee, when the employee asks for a concession and when the employer asks for a concession.

Course 3: Building an Effective Team – This important course introduces the concept of “exchange” into your practice. What we mean is that you should be compensating employees for products, not time, in order to improve the overall performance of your practice.

We’d love to walk with you on this journey to building a better practice. 

Beyond just personnel management, we have in-depth programs on your practice’s Ethics & Compliance Training, 4 Keys to Practice Success, CEO & Executive Training and many more in our Masters Curriculum

We invite you to take a sneak peek inside MEG Academy to learn more about this practice management training program for physical therapists and private practice owners.

Once you’re ready to speak to our team and see if it’s the right fit for you, it’s as easy as scheduling your free practice assessment.

We look forward to helping you startup or expand your practice beyond your wildest dreams!

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