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How to Manage Gen Z Staff at Your Private Practice

We often encounter anxiety from our clients when they discuss Gen Z employees in the modern workplace. And while their expectations, methods and goals may be different from previous generations, there’s nothing unmanageable with this group of roughly 68 million people born between 1997 and 2012. 

In fact, your Gen Z staff can offer fascinating perspectives and be part of an energetic workforce when they feel connected to your leadership and your organization’s overall mission. The trick, however, is understanding how they approach work and working with them. 

To that end, let’s look at the characteristics and leadership tactics that get results from Gen Z staff based on our experience.

7 Tips for Managing Gen Z Employees at Your Private Practice

Flexible Communication

When it comes to communication on the job, flexibility is essential for Gen Z workers. Think about it this way, for many, their first on-the-job experience in the past two years has been handled through virtual work. While typically sociable, they also realize that sitting through a two-hour meeting in person can be draining and unproductive.

Despite this, they realize the importance of face-to-face meetings. But with that in mind, consider: Could this have been an email? Your youngest employees may feel so.

New Perspectives

One benefit to employing Gen Z workers is that they’re often outspoken and values-focused. Young voices can be a significant part of pushing your company forward and staying responsive to social trends. Simply give your younger employees some space and time to share their perspectives and watch as you uncover new perspectives you may not have otherwise considered.

Career Flexibility

For Gen Z, the expectation is not to find a job and coast in one spot for the rest of their lives. Most office jobs will not offer what they’re looking for. Be prepared to see your business considered as a step on a longer path – and in this way, you can play a mentor role in helping define that path. 

In the same way, leaders should do everything to make the job as attractive as possible by emphasizing challenges, growth and values that they can develop with the position. You have to keep them interested or they will move on.

Desired Benefits

To say that Gen Z faces unprecedented economic challenges is something of an understatement, especially regarding the cost of living for some of our youngest contributors to the economy. When it comes to jobs, these workers are flocking to industries that can provide them with additional benefits, not just a paycheck.

Whether those benefits come in the form of health care, stock, bonus payments, or even on-site features such as food and gyms, those benefits pull on younger employees. So, as you work to build your pitch to them and maintain their loyalty post-hire, consider what you can offer them beyond just a paycheck.

Values Focused

This newer generation of workers requires more than a paycheck to feel fulfilled. This is a world of challenges on many fronts, and most Gen Z workers seek to meet those challenges head-on. With that in mind, what values does your practice stand for, and how do you live out that mission day-to-day? Does your business empower employees to embrace those values as well?

Internet Focused

Gen Z is the first digital native generation – meaning they’ve spent their entire lives online. Just as driving is intuitive to most Americans, the internet is the same way for younger workers. It’s not just a resource; it’s a necessity. Accessibility and flexibility when using the internet on the job are essential.

Is your WIFI up to snuff? Has your practice embraced virtual meetings to save money on your commute? Are you finding methods to communicate outside of a phone call or email? If not, adopt the Gen Z attitude and get connected.


Is your speed of business, to crib a slogan, a bit too slow? Gen Z is frequently on the move and seeks engagement, even in the workplace. Is your system for recognizing and rewarding good work going to keep up with your energetic young workers, or will you risk leaving them feeling unappreciated?

Are feedback, directions and momentum a part of the workflow in your clinic, or do tasks end up bottlenecking? Speak the work language of your youngest staff with a constant system of feedback and duties, or else risk squandering some of the most effective employees out there.

Forward Momentum with Gen Z

If you want to embrace the newest generation to join the workforce, you’re already in the right mindset. By providing Gen Z employees with a workplace that aligns with their interests and jives with their sensibilities, you’ll ultimately benefit in the long run.

Be sure to give these employees the opportunity to accelerate their careers while under your wing by giving them access to the Staff Certification Programs in MEG Academy that promote the soft skills and role-specific responsibilities that instill consistency and efficiency among staff and create a comprehensive, standardized employee experience.

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