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Episode 84: How to Make a Difference With the APTA and PPS

As you know, if you’ve been listening to our podcast for a while, you know that one of our main purposes is to enhance and support the APTA/PPS to bring about more positive change for the wellbeing of our profession. This week, we’re talking with a special guest discussing how (and why) you should get involved with PPS/APTA. Cristina Faucheux, PT is vice president/co-owner of Moreau Physical Therapy in Lousiana. She has been involved in the LAPTA as state government affairs chair since 2012 and was involved in the campaign to achieve direct access in Lousiana. This week, Brian and Cristina talk about the importance of advocating for the profession, how to get involved and what some of the important things PPS and the APTA do for private practice owners.

Episode at a glance:

  • What the Government Affairs Committee does for PPS and how they make recommendations for how issues private practice owners and their patients.
  • Key contacts are crucial to helping educate legislators and their staff members on how issues impact private practice owners/the physical therapy profession.
  • When you have meetings or make calls, or write letters, talk about the real people that these cuts impact. 
  • More owners are getting more patients from direct access, it’s important to learn how to market direct to consumer because of this trend.
  • How to Get Involved with PPS
  • PPS Conference Information
  • WebPT Webinar on Medicare Compliance
  • What is a Patient Care Representative
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