How to Get More Productivity from Employees at Your PT Clinic

To follow on the heels of Brian Gallagher’s recent podcast where he addressed employee productivity concerns in private practice, let’s talk about how to get more productivity from your physical therapy staff.

Bottom line: The higher degree of “confront” you have as a leader, the more successful your team will be. This doesn’t mean negativity or confrontation – in fact, it should imply the opposite; the more positive interaction and facetime you can have with employees, the more you will endear them to your mission.

Put another way, if you can be a positive influence and a value-giver, the more positive and successful your team will be. Negativity can be cancerous to the group and will spread to others. Our job as owners and managers is to be mindful of how the culture is nurtured within your clinic. So, what does it take to be a leader who impacts productivity at your clinic?

4 Steps to Increasing Employee Productivity at Your Clinic

First, schedule one-on-one meetings with staff to help set a plan for success:

One-on-one staff meetings are a great way to check in on an employee’s progress and discuss any issues or questions they may have. To get the most out of your meetings, it’s important to plan ahead. Start by setting an agenda that includes topics you want to cover, such as recent successes, challenges, and any areas for improvement. Ask the staff member for their feedback on any relevant topics and provide them with a copy of the agenda ahead of time so they can prepare. 

During the meeting, keep the conversation focused on the agenda and give them ample opportunity to express their own thoughts and ideas. The goal is to listen attentively and provide constructive feedback – but don’t feel like this feedback has to happen immediately in the meeting. Thank them for their input and make sure to follow up on any points discussed. With the right preparation and approach, one-on-one meetings create a positive, productive work environment.

Next, address any employee concerns that may affect productivity:

Employee concerns that can affect productivity typically include lack of resources, inadequate training, unclear job expectations, lack of motivation, long hours, poor work-life balance and lack of recognition for work accomplishments. These factors can unfortunately lead to employees feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and unproductive. 

Eventually, if employee concerns aren’t being met, they will breed a lack of trust between leadership and employees which will create an environment of fear and distrust, and ultimately decreased productivity. By addressing these concerns authentically and checking in as solutions are developed, you show that you care and that their feedback has helped enhance the clinic.

Next, offer opportunities for growth and development at your clinic and the industry:

When you invest in your employee’s personal and business goals, you show a deeper commitment to them and their future. We recommend a few ways to help staff pursue their goals. Training programs or workshops help employees learn new skills or improve existing ones. This could include things like continuing education courses, leadership development, or technical skills training – check out the MEG Academy courses and certifications available!

Encourage employees to continue their education by offering tuition reimbursement or other incentives for completing degree programs or certifications. Outside of special training opportunities, there are on-the-job learning experiences where employees can level up while working alongside leaders or clinicians. This could include assigning them new projects or responsibilities that challenge them to learn and stretch their skills. It also can take the form of mentorship where you pair staff with more experienced coworkers who can take a more active role in guiding their professional development. 

Finally, make sure every decision elevates your company culture:

Make company culture your organizing principle and it will become the deciding vote for any business or personnel decisions. By focusing on positive values and showing your commitment to a workplace environment that is supportive and inclusive, you can create a culture that is focused on collaboration, creativity and success. 

Start by clearly defining your company values and making sure everyone in the organization understands and strives to uphold them. You can also create opportunities for employees to connect with each other and engage in meaningful conversations and activities. When you ensure that all employees feel respected, appreciated and empowered, they will make it a priority to contribute to the success of the clinic. That creates a culture that is enriching and rewarding for everyone.

Make Employee Productivity a Priority in 2023

As a private practice owner, it’s natural to want to get the most out of your employees and to increase productivity in the workplace so you can increase patient satisfaction and your bottom line. By fostering teamwork, investing in staff growth and development and recognizing and rewarding hard work, you can be the leader they want to please and won’t leave. 

To learn more about personnel development programs and courses for physical therapy, check out MEG Academy. These courses and certifications have helped hundreds of clinics join the top 10% of the industry – and you can too.

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