How to Effectively Establish Your Practice Structure

Remember in physical therapy school how they taught us that “structure dictates function”?

Well, great news! The same applies to your private practice. 

It has become apparent that, while businesses are starting to reopen and we’re bringing our employees back, it is critical (now more than ever!) for us to reevaluate our company structure. 

Are your strategic plans out of date? How will you adapt to incorporate Telehealth? Do your employees truly understand their hats and the products expected of them? Do you not have a life because you’re always the one running around, doing everything? 

The above are symptoms of a greater ailment… the real issue is lack of structure


Here, your systems of operation are out and therefore your standard operating procedures (SOP’s) will be utterly null.  

You must make your staff aware of what is expected of them, and the metrics that you will use to measure this.

A great starter tool for this is our Structure Worksheet, which we’ve included here for your convenience. Using this sheet, you can clearly identify the post, products and stats to be measured for each employee. 

This worksheet will also allow you to categorize each of your employees into one of the following 3 buckets:

  • Administration

  • Production

  • Marketing


This is a great way to begin your journey to a more organized company structure, as people work best when they know what is expected of them. The most effective way to manage others is to manage by statistics.

Don’t leave your staff guessing – establish the backbone of your structure and build it out. You will get the best “function” and longevity out of a clinic that maintains a healthy, working structure. 

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