Episode 40: How to Build a Motivated Team

Editors Note: We moved our publish date of this podcast, which was initially scheduled as episode 41 because we were so excited about it. Apologies for the confusion on the mention of it as Episode 41 in the recording!  

One of the biggest struggles some physical therapy owners have is the inability to motivate their staff. This week, on the heels of some practice evaluations, we’re chatting about the reasons for this.

Being a business/practice owner is not the same as being an employee no matter what position they hold in your company.  They are still going to think differently and lean differently, they will in fact be leaning to one side, the side that is self-preservation.  One of the most common encounters I have when I am called upon by to go out and do a practice evaluation is a practice owner who is still operating from the worker point of view. This week we share how to get out of the employee mindset and be an owner, and how to motivate your staff. 

Key Take Aways


  • Know the difference between appreciation and validation or acknowledgments
  • Know what employees value most is your quality time spent with them while entrusting them 


  • As the owner you must Spend your time working on your business not in your practice.
  • You must show ongoing appreciation in the form of time and communication. Use 10 min meetings once per week then after 90 days, once per month.
  • Design your performance evaluations yearly as a catchup moment. Don’t rush them. Take time to listen so that your employee feels heard. 
  • Delegate projects and let them do them their way so long as they get the product
  • Avoid micromanagement.
  • Be transparent with your vision and their role in helping make it come true 
  • Give merit-based acknowledgements in the staff meetings in front of the group. However, don’t overdo it.
  • Make sure you have a bigger game for everyone to aspire to. Without career development, employees lose interest and cause trouble with others and possible even you.   
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