Episode 65: How to Best Hire, Train, and Retain the Advanced Therapist

I believe that if you’re a high-quality practice owner, one of the priority areas of your concern will be how to create that ideal company culture, much like a baker who is constantly focusing on how to make that ideal pie by working with only the best ingredients. The same thing goes for the physical therapy practice owner who is only looking to hire, train, and retain the best most highly motivated personnel available. Unlike baking, where you can purchase the best ingredients; when it comes to the personnel, they need to be homegrown in order to be the best. In today’s labor market, it is unlikely that you will hire somebody “off the shelf” who comes in with the attitude, skills, and motivation that will complement your company culture. Therefore, the burden falls on you the owner/manager to understand the science of personnel development and have the professional skills to effectively communicate and enhance the ability of those around you. 

This means that before you can go out looking for your next advanced therapist, you’re going to have to look inside yourself first in order to challenge your own abilities as an executive and leader. In part two of our three-part series, we’ll discuss how to recruit, hire, and train.

Episode at a glance:

  • The three types of bosses: someone who never belonged in the position to begin with, the one who lacks motivation and work-ethic required of a boss, and a bully who simply seeks to control others with a strong need to be right.
  • The advancement therapist is who will carry the greatest responsibility and accountability throughout your practice – they typically become your clinical director or a regional manager.
  • Be a transparent communicator and look for the same qualities in your advancement therapists.
  • Hold your staff accountable by using both self-reporting and quality check reporting.
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