How MEG Catalyzed the Growth of Park North Physical Therapy Using Outsourced Admin and Coaching

Overlooking scenic Central Park, Dr. Sam Morjaria’s clinic is bustling with therapists and patients using optimized systems, a streamlined clinical environment, state-of-the-art PT equipment and a team of efficient, engaged personnel – both in-person and virtual. 

As they enter either one of Sam’s Park North Physical Therapy locations, patients are greeted immediately as they are encouraged to check themselves in at the front desk using a computer screen. However, this isn’t just any automated check in system, it’s a real-time video feed of a front desk manager that walks each client through the check in and check out process and even handles insurance verification and scheduling.

For the last year, Park North Physical Therapy has been outsourcing the majority of its admin to MEG Business. Currently, his clinics uses MEG for billing, virtual front desk, credentialing and Sam is also a member of MEG’s business academy where he receives the operational, environmental, leadership and personnel coaching necessary to keep driving his business forward.

Since joining MEG, Sam has watched both of his Park North clinics in Upper Manhattan in New York City thrive. He’s owned and operated Park North for over 16 years, nearly unheard of in the landscape of small businesses.

When asked about the future of his company, Sam said with a touch of relief, “I’m on a plan for the next five years, and then I’ll make a decision about what to do next.” 

But just five years ago, Sam couldn’t plan more than a month ahead for his clinic. He was a slave to his business, doing nearly everything himself and going through the motions. He was surviving, rather than thriving.

The Beginnings of Park North

When Sam started Park North Physical Therapy in 2007, he knew he wanted to open a clinic that would treat patients with creative and innovative solutions. At the time, Sam had been a practicing physical therapist for 15 years, but didn’t have any business experience. Nevertheless, he was ready to become his own boss. 

After 10 years of treating patients, handling scheduling, billing and everything in between, Sam was starting to realize that Park North wasn’t growing.

“I was successful on paper, but it didn’t really feel like it,” Sam remarked about his early years in business. “I was overly involved in the day-to-day… I would be on the phone scheduling someone and stretching a patient at the same time.”

Around 2017, Sam encountered a wake up call when one of his most valuable physical therapists put in her two weeks. The reason she left shocked Sam into action.

“She felt like there was no growth [at Park North],” he said about her leaving the company. 

Sam took responsibility for her quitting, and it became a turning point for his business. Because he was treating her more like an assistant than a knowledgeable physical therapist, she went to find work at another clinic. 

At the time, Sam didn’t know enough about how to empower his staff and create systems within his business. While Sam knew something had to change, he wasn’t sure where to start. 

Enter MEG: a One-Stop Solution for Overworked PT Owners

In 2018, Sam was in the audience as Brian Gallagher, owner of MEG Business, spoke on stage at an Hospital & Special Surgery Conference. Immediately, Sam knew Brian’s knowledge and experience would be valuable for his clinic. 

Later that year, Brian visited Park North to do an evaluation at Sam’s clinic. Brian spent 10 hours with Sam observing and noting any processes that could be improved. The entire experience was both eye-opening and exhausting for Sam.

“You think you’re doing things okay, because you’re making money… but deep down you know there’s something missing, and confronting it was very difficult.”

Sam was still a little skeptical that MEG could help his business, but ultimately, he trusted Brian and MEG’s team with their background in physical therapy and clinic ownership.

Gradually, Sam began to add MEG’s services to his clinic, starting with outsourcing his private practice billing and collections, then enrolling into MEG Academy in 2019.

Sam recalled his experience with MEG Academy, “The training was hard, because I was still in ‘do it myself’ mode. But once COVID hit, it gave me time to work on the training and really absorb it.”

COVID also gave Sam a chance to gradually implement other MEG services including PT credentialing and the new Virtual Front Desk services

After struggling with a revolving door of front desk staff, MEG’s virtual front desk solution saved Sam money and time now that he doesn’t have to worry about training new employees. Sam also no longer had to worry about patient collections and mounds of paperwork. 

Park North 2.0: Empowering Staff and Increasing Clinic Revenue

Eventually, Sam started to see how all of MEG’s services tied together to create efficient and automated processes for his business. Park North has continued to grow each year since starting services with MEG in 2019, with 2022 being their best year to date.

Even though the initial transition from running everything himself to outsourcing the work was tough, Sam knew that it was important for the health of his business and his overall quality of life.

“Me treating [all of the patients] wasn’t helping anyone long term,” Sam commented. “I’ve also been doing this for 25 years, so I’ve sort of reached my peak as a therapist.”

Experiencing Record-Breaking Growth with New Patients

Now, Sam’s time mainly goes towards training the next generation of physical therapists on his team. He described how his staff relationships have changed since starting to use MEG Academy and Business Services,

“Before my therapists used to feel small around me, but now, they feel more empowered to make decisions and be creative.”

MEG taught Sam how to be a CEO, not just the best physical therapist. MEG has continued to earn Sam’s trust over the years by providing counseling on problems that have arisen within his clinic and helping him find the best vendors to outsource more of his work, including his digital marketing services like SEO, content development and reputation management. Park North, with the help of MEG, has also boasted revenue. As of July 2023, they are breaking new patient records every month and headed towards their best year of revenue since opening in 2007.

Partner with MEG to Become the CEO of Your Business

Sam’s story provides a powerful insight into the transformative impact of partnering with MEG Business. Through their PT billing, credentialing, virtual front desk and coaching program, MEG has not only streamlined Sam’s operations but also has fostered a trusted partnership with him.

His experience showcases the value of finding the right solutions and working with a trusted partner like MEG Business. If you’re seeking to enhance your physical therapy clinic’s efficiency, maximize revenue and alleviate administrative burdens, consider partnering with MEG Business. Take the next step for your clinic and find out how MEG Business can revolutionize your practice. 

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