Physical Therapy Owners Join 10%

How Do Physical Therapy Owners Join the Top 10% of High-Performing Private Practices?

What separates the physical therapy owners who succeed from those who are forced to shut their doors or spin on the same hamster wheel day after day?

Spoiler alert: It takes more than just grit and determination. Not everyone who works hard and sets goals makes it big. And while having a great mindset is certainly an asset, it won’t take you from working IN your business to working ON it.

If you knew there were factors at play that directly influence your ability to launch faster, expand efficiently and grow smarter – would you seize them?

At MEG, we’ve spent decades in the private practice space watching the industry evolve and adjust to suit the technology and patient experience. We’ve successfully launched hundreds of practices (even amidst a pandemic) and expanded brands into two to twenty clinics. In that time we’ve seen the tools, techniques and training that elevate businesses above the competition. It’s why MEG Business was created in the first place – to spread these trade secrets.

Recently, Darren Hardy outlined three distinct advantages that lead people of equal ability, commitment and mindset to significantly outperform and over-achieve those who don’t seize the opportunity. These advantages entirely align with our mission here at MEG, so we wanted to share them with you.

3 Ways to Become a Top Performing Physical Therapy Owner


1. Access to Council

Hardy explains that the best in the world go out and get the best in the world. 

They want someone who has walked in their shoes to advise, train and coach them so they can leverage the wisdom of someone who has already done what they are trying to do. Like a cheat code, this massively accelerates the path to success and provides a considerable advantage over the competition. 

It’s why athletes, singers, surgeons, executives, etc. all hire experts to up their game and keep them performing at an elite level. Ultimately, it compresses growth from decades to years.

2. Connections

Hardy outlines how humans will raise or lower our performance to match the level of our reference group.

We’ve heard this notion before – Porter Gale says “Your network is your net worth” and Jim Rohn’s explains that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

We are massively influenced by the regular associations in our life. To that end, Hardy knows that those who are connected are the ones who thrive. It’s why the rich get richer and the successful keep growing more and more successful. The company we keep is critical if we want to rise up and do something extraordinary. 

3. Strategies

Finally, Hardy has seen that top performers will do whatever it takes to get access to the strategies that help them succeed at a higher level. Conversely, average or low performers are just doing guess work, often operating out of trial and error and hoping for the best. 

Without a strategy or proven plan for areas of your business like digital marketing, personnel management and operations, you are risking an incredible amount of time and money.

This is why, Hardy explains, small businesses face some scary statistics:

  • 66% of small business fail within 3 years
  • 96% fail in 10 years
  • Of the 4% that remain, 50% struggle to survive.

The good news is that once success is achieved through one business, it’s far easier to create another successful business. 

Gain access to the proven principles, strategies and execution

MEG Academy sets out to solve this for all three of these advantages for physical therapy owners. Designed by highly successful physical therapists, the programs, certifications and benefits in MEG Academy provide the roadmap to success that hundreds of owners have walked since.

For Access to Council, we offer live coaching with dedicated PT specialists who assess your private practice and outline the various ways to improve and elevate your environment, systems of operations, personnel and overall structure.

For Connections, we provide access to an exclusive mastermind group. This invite-only Slack group is made up of hundreds of owners and clinicians who can ask questions to the community and share their experiences to help others.

For Strategies, we have developed robust programming and certifications within our Learning Management System that provide 24/7 access to the videos, tutorials and handouts that covers all aspects of PT private practice from the start-up process through scaling and expansion. 

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