Go For the Gold in Private Practice Management

Go For the Gold in Private Practice Management

When high-performing clinicians and driven entrepreneurs enter into private practice management, they aren’t looking for a participation trophy.

The life of a physical therapy owner requires dedicated training, critical decision-making, team leadership and the support of their loved ones in order to be successful – much like the athletes we’re currently watching chase their dreams at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. 

So, in honor of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, we want to shine a spotlight on a few of MEG’s Gold Medal clients who are doing incredible things within their business and community. These owners represent the hard work and dedication necessary to rise above the competition and never settle for the ordinary. 

MEG is hosting a very special Zoom Cast event on February 24, 2022 at 12pm EST where we invite these owners to share how they brought their unique visions to life, the steps they took to stand out in this space and the lessons they learned along the way.

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There’s something for every owner to relate to as we highlight three different practice categories in this live Q&A:

  1. The Mobile Physical Therapy Model: How do you stand out in an industry that seems set in its ways? Add wheels. We’ll examine how the mobile PT model creates a new way to connect with patients where they live.
  2. The Start-Up Model: You went to school for physical therapy, not business. So, how do you juggle the right decisions around operations, personnel and a thousand other things while launching your new business? 
  3. The Expanding Practice Model: As your private practice success continues to grow and you decide to double down and do it again – what steps does your business need to take to ensure lightning strikes twice?

Watch This Special Invite from Zoom Cast Host, Nicole Walczak, PT:

Register now for our Zoomcast February 24, 2022 at 12 EST – all registrants receive the on-demand video and any covered resources after the event concludes.

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