Billing Services 

We have a secure email through outlook that we use to send PHI sensitive information in an encrypted format. Otherwise, we typically communicate through Gmail noting just the patient account number. We also utilize Google drive frequently.

We scrub all claims to make sure modifiers and codes are correct. If you wish, we can also flag a claim if under 4 units are being billed for approval before sending.

We invoice clients monthly.

We have a one-year minimum contract to allow us to make a difference in your accounts and A/R.

We will review the notes and scanned documents in the EMR software. We require benefit verifications to be entered in the system prior to billing, so if that indicates an authorization is required we make sure the auth is on file prior to billing.

Yes, a lot of clinics maintain an admin account and then add our staff as users. That way there is less back and forth about password changes, etc.

EOBs will need to be scanned over with a payment log (which will be provided during our implementation process). This can either be faxed, emailed, or we can create a folder on the google drive for payments to be loaded. We encourage you to set up as many payers as you can via EFT so we can have the payments be electronically downloaded from the clearinghouse.

MEG Academy

Use your coach to practically implement what you learn in MEG Academy into your practice. Coaches are versatile resources to help you with what you want to work on in your clinic.

No. You don’t need to change everything. Our coaches most often recommend you treat yourself as a new employee, orient yourself and be onboarded to MEG Academy and to the four keys of business success. Once you’re familiar, look around your clinic and think about your ideal scene. Use what you’ve learned to make changes to improve those areas of opportunity. Your coach can help shine a light on anything that might be unclear.

All of our coaches are PT’s with clinical experience as well as managerial experience in the PT Private Practice setting. They all have extensive training in the MEG Academy approach.

MEG Academy uses the Education, Duplication, and Application approach to training, as opposed to other training methods that teach you the material, then expect you to fend for yourself. We utilize a combination of lecture videos to educate you, quizzes and role play to duplicate the material, and through your coach, you will work to practically apply and implement the material into your clinic.

If you stick to the program, the results are fairly immediate. Most clients typically begin to see results within the first 3 months if they follow through.

We have multiple packages depending on the size of your practice that include various levels of users and coaching hours. All resources and video material are included in the program.

You will be provided with a full outline that categorizes who will benefit from which program. Your coach can assist you in determining which programs are best for which staff members.

No. Not all content is relevant to everyone.

Absolutely. Different content is more relevant to different people. Work with your coach to determine which content is going to be most useful for you based on your priorities and what’s going on in your clinic.

Your access to MEG Academy is good for one year.

Most owners get through the content in MEG Academy in 4-6 months.

Managed Services 

Our outsourced management services are best for owners who lack the tools and or time to execute that vision. Owners who lack executive or managerial experience also benefit greatly from these services.

Our team of regional managers will execute aspects of personnel management that you may lack experience in. Employee reviews, filling empty posts or finding the staff best for empty posts, onboarding, training. Our outsourced services are custom to your staffing needs and what is best to help execute the vision you have for your clinic.

This specific division of MEG does not do credentialing (that is a separate service), bookkeeping, or payroll processing.

We will organize your annual business strategy plan with an annual marketing program. We will set up your org board and verify posts and hats . We will ensure the proper personnel are in place and trained. We will provide your staff access as directed by your regional manager. You can expect visits at least twice yearly to your clinic from your regional manager.

We have a regional marketing management division that is a separate service. This team will come in and be your outsourced marketing director. They will hold your staff accountable, set targets and run your marketing campaigns.

You need boots on the ground, the right staff in the right position. Buy-in for any of MEG’s programs are successful when owners hold themselves and the staff accountable.

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The difference is REMARKABLE!

We utilized 4 different billing providers over the past 6 years and made the switch to MEG just 3 months ago. The difference is REMARKABLE! They are thorough, accurate and timely, and were able to identify errors from months ago that resulted in payment we would have never received. The importance of customer service and satisfaction is obviously instilled in EVERY MEG employee, and they handle our revenue as if it were their own. They are hands-down the best there is!​

Jennifer Schnieders, PT, Owner, Outbound Physical Therapy