Articles from the Physical Therapy Community

Featured Articles from the Physical Therapy Community

As practice management experts, MEG has had the privilege of guest posting with several of our private practice vendors and partners in order to share advice and resources across a wide array of physical therapy practice topics. 

Here is an overview in case you missed any of this year’s features so far:

1) “Where Physical Therapy Marketing and Technology Meet”

Our first published blog of the year was for PT Wired – a premier patient engagement software provider for physical therapists. 

Key Takeaway:

In this article, we discuss how to optimize a private practice’s Marketing strategy through the innovative use of new technologies. We cover ways to get creative in how you bring value to your patients through both your clinical and administration divisions. We also drop specific recommendations and tools to fully optimize this area of your practice.

2) “How to Incorporate Cash-Based Services Into Your Physical Therapy Practice”

In February of this year, we published a guest blog in partnership with BetterPT, a powerful innovative software and Telehealth solutions company. 

Key Takeaway:

We discussed the benefits and actionable steps to begin incorporating cash-based services into your physical therapy private practice. We were excited to cover how to restructure a practice to diversify income verticals and to create the most effective environment for your patients through these tools & technologies. Learn how to make your practice stand out as a premier healthcare provider!

3) “The Keys to Successfully Opening a Physical Therapy Practice”

Next for BetterPT, we discussed the mindset and tools needed to start-up a physical therapy clinic. 

Key Takeaway:

We cover where to start, and the actionable steps needed for this journey into practice ownership. If you are or have ever considered opening your own physical therapy practice, we highly recommend that you give this article a read!

4) “The First Steps for Startups in Private Practice”

Allied Health Education is a physical therapist-owned continuing education company; which, of course, we are big advocates and supporters of. 

Key Takeaway:

For Allied Health we picked up where PT School left off in our discussion of the training you need to start up a private practice. This article reminds readers that instead of letting the unknown bring you pause, to dive into the knowledge needed to strengthen you in that area. Learn how to stop being the “effect” of what you don’t know, as the training and tools you need are out there for the taking. 

5) “How to Upgrade Your Physical Therapy Business from the ’90s Model”

Lastly, our article went out just this month for WebPT, an industry titan which provides leading software for out-patient rehab. 

Key Takeaway: 

So much has changed over the past few decades in physical therapy. This article inspires industry professionals to consider new business models and solutions to help break them from the hamster wheel cycle of treating that many still practice. It is intended to help owners revolutionize their practice from the 90’s model and to distance them from out-moded systems of operation. It also gives an in-depth exploration of practice model options that actually suit the needs of our staff, patients and community in the 2020’s.

We are honored to share these golden nuggets for the private practice that cover the training and mindsets necessary to help strengthen what we consider to be the greatest profession on Earth. And we’re excited to say that we have even more coming down the line in the near future, so stay tuned!

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