Episode 98: The State of PPS and the APTA feat. Sandra Norby, DPT

In this episode, Brian and Sandra Norby (President of the Private Practice Section of APTA) collaborate for an insightful Q&A. The two cover specifics of the physical therapy field, and end with Sandra’s incredible accomplishments during her time as president. Tune in for crucial data for private practice owners that is not only relevant now, but into the future.


  • When you’re licensed, you’re not mandated to join the professional association. There are over 400,000 licensed physical therapists in the country.
  • Sharing the definition of expert as a combination of advanced training and knowledge paired with experience.
  • The biggest threat to the viability of a physical therapist over the next five years is insurance payments. Dr. Norby notes that with every threat there is opportunity.
  • People can contact their legislatures and representatives to reverse laws that can damage the physical therapy profession (i.e. the 8% cut). Use your power as the people, your voice matters.
  • PPS has started to work with Bob Hall to work on contracts and reimbursements. He has a proven record of success
  • People that are making decisions don’t understand the value of physical therapy. We need a value based, data driven value proposition to give to members to advocate for.
  • Use your marketing skills to advocate for the profession and encourage your patients to do so as well.
  • We need to diversify the way we think – this is where the hybrid model fits in moving forward for physical therapists. You need innovative strategies and systems to help your patients achieve optimal health.
  • Join PPS peer-to-peer network to help circumvent some of these insurance issues.
  • Collective bargaining does necessarily work for PPS because its a member driven association, not a trade association.
  • Medicare doesn’t care about you
  • If PPS doesn’t know what challenges you’re having, they can’t help you solve it. Communicate with them here.

Of Note

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