Episode 95: True Leadership From Other Practice Owners

Sometimes the most powerful thing a coach or consultant can do is simply listen. By listening closely to the owners I have worked with over the past 20 years, I have learned more than in any course I have ever taken.  Their real-life challenges and solutions often bring to light things one would not have envisioned when left to their own accord. So, this week I chose to open up and share with everyone some of the most successful ways to think about leadership and practice ownership and how to communicate with your staff to bring about agreement. 


  • How you view yourself and value your self worth will influence your personality, communication/tone and your ability to confront, that you will give off the vibe of leadership. Value yourself as the executive/CEO and believe in yourself as the person who is taking all the risk to provide the opportunity to your staff members.
  • Owners in practice today are not there to be providing the financial needs of their employees. They are there to provide the right individuals – who get the big picture – opportunities for both personal and professional development. Greater levels of exchange come from commitment and follow through with their primary intention being to benefit the group as a whole, not themselves.
  • If structured correctly, we may have our very own built-in expansion model that is beneficial to all parties involved. In the process, we might have solved our staffing problems by creating an ongoing stream of new graduates seeking mentorship and resources to help launch them into private practice.
  • Embrace your entrepreneurial personality. You must have a vision that you can put into a business strategic plan (BSP) and you need something to fuel that plan (annual marketing program) – all tied back to your numbers and targets. Tie it all together with a system of accountability.>
  • The success in private practice is about the people you choose to do business with that has the greatest impact on your success.
  • The most successful people get the concept that they win only after the group is winning. This is an example of “correct think” where their efforts are directed toward flowing power towards power.
  • We need to stick to our knowingness, however, we don’t let them off the hook in terms of encouraging them to become the best clinician possible because we know that those skills are critical for obvious reasons. At the same time, they are focused on playing a bigger game and we have the skills and experience to help them succeed.
  • Far too many physical therapists under-appreciate the importance of the environment and structure needed to make their pathway to success less stressful and more spirited with fun and gamesmanship. Taking this physical therapy ownership game too seriously is unhealthy and creates a self-serving breeding ground for the company culture instead of “we are all in it to win it together” company culture.
  • Abandon the focus on doing-ness and try to live by the reality that all accomplishments start with the correct think first with the best actions steps in business success to follow with virtually no effort at all.

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