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Episode 89: Innovative Strategies to Enhance Your Clinical Toolbox

This week, we’re sharing an interview with Erik Hums, DPT. We’re a little off topic from our usual practice management strategies and a bit more clinical today. Erik is talking with us about new strategies to enhance your toolbox clinically. If you’re going to have a great practice, you need to have great products. In order to have great products, you have to be doing something better than they were in 1995. Patients suffering low back pain are a multi-million dollar industry so knowing how to best serve these patients is a great benefit. Erik himself is a fellow with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists and Regional Manager for Profysio Physical Therapy in New Jersey.

Key Takeaways

  • Outcomes are not justifying the number of lumbar/disc type treatments – data shows that even post surgery, pain arises from the SI joint and is often missed.
  • It’s about proper diagnostics and proper testing. If we misinterpret what we see we’ll waste time, and resources and get poor outcomes.
  • There are new innovative testing that can be done to properly diagnose the SI Joint dysfunction – download the information referenced here.
  • A formal diagnosis can open the door for more aggressive treatments.
  • Best practice for a minimally invasive SI fusion can be done by SI Bone‘s iFuse implant system.
  • Clinicians do a great job building relationships and helping patients, providing better diagnostics enhances the product that you offer in your clinic.

If you would like more information, you can reach out to Eric via email at Or as always, if you want to get connected with our team or any of our guests, let us know by contacting us directly. We’re dedicated to personal and professional growth and innovative strategies both clinical and pratice management strategies.

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