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Episode 88: Why You Don’t Need a Human Resources Director in Your Clinic

Every office we’ve worked with that has an Human Resources professional on staff, we’ve noticed a culture of fear among the staff. The overwhelming majority of these offices are mom and pop offices. In this podcast, Brian strives to bring these truths to light on how to confront them in his usual no-nonsense and honest fashion.

Episode at a glance:

  • The information needed to have effective and legitimate HR policies is available to you, or have someone on retainer to consult when you absolutely need this information. 
  • Attend conferences such as PPS and CSM, take good notes, and study and you will get the information that you need.
  • Have a systematic and consistent onboarding program, as well as a compliance officer.
  • There has to be accountability and consequences for insubordination.
  • Have solid systems of acknowledgement and validation. 
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