Toxic Employees in PT practice

Episode 87: How to Spot Toxic Employees

When you think about toxic employees, you have to first consider how they become a problem in your clinic. This week, Brian talks about the red flags to spot toxic employees as well as how to avoid hiring them in the first place with our five phase hiring system.

Episode at a glance:

  • Understand how to recruit and hire the best with the five phase hiring program – starting with the ad that you write, reviewing resumes and screening each candidate with a phone screen to learn about them – don’t sell them on the position.
  • Your role as the CEO is to lead, educate, and motivate.
  • Toxic clinical employees can be spotted when they start talking about money, or when they step outside their lane.
  • The status sheet establishes the package for employees as well as the what the performance expectations are for them to provide.
  • 10 minute meetings with your staff each month helps to ensure they feel enriched, validated and acknowledged.
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