Episode 82: Successful Women in Private Practice

This week we’re talking with three leading women in private practice. Jacqui Broering, PT, MPT, owner of Performance Physical Therapy in Ohio; Jennifer Schneiders, PT owner of Outbound Physical Therapy in Jefferson City, MO; and Angie McGilvrey, PT owner of Apex Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, Florida. 

We were thrilled to chat with these three incredible owners to round out our women in business series and hear about their experiences, what led them to practice ownership and how they overcame challenges in conquering the unknown.

Episode at a glance:

  • Entrepreneurship and the desire for control over life and time led these owners into practice ownership. 
  • Surrounding yourself with people who will help you thrive personally and professional is critical for anyone who undertakes business ownership. 
  • You need to enhance your skills in order to get where you need to go – you need training. 
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