Episode 81: What’s Really Going on With Medicare Cuts?

This week we’re talking about what is going on with these routine cuts in reimbursement against our profession as physical therapists. Take a non-bias view of our political climate and you can see, clear as day, that many are set on government-run universal health care. According to the Advisory Board – an organization of 350 health care professionals with a network of 4,400 members – health care spending will become greater than 20% of the US GDP by 2025, topping more than $5.5 trillion annually. The government could raise billions, if not trillions, of dollars each year in fees and taxes by wedging themselves into this sector of the market. 

 Episode at a glance:  

  • Ten years ago, 75% of your patients visited three times per week, now we’re lucky to have 35% of patients visiting three times per week. Yet, we know people have better results with more frequent, and earlier, interventions.
  • Why did you go to Physical Therapy School? Was it to bring an abundance of care to your patients so that you can help as many people as possible?
  • Physical therapists can not form Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN) unlike Physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.
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