Episode 78: How to Have More Control and More Income

Entrepreneurs are leaders who strive to develop themselves by taking on bigger and better challenges to grow both personally and a professionally. When you think about it, chances are some of the greatest moments of your life occurred after you’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone. Entrepreneurs, leaders and executives alike are not seeking a lazy-boy chair to sit in and ride out in comfort. They are constantly pursuing greater goals – they know this will call them to dig deep and rise to meet the challenge.

This is the game of life. While some are more comfortable wearing the jersey and just sitting on the bench as a part of the team, playing when called upon and being content with just that. Others want to lead. They have ideas on new plays, training strategies, and tactics to try. Their game is not only playing, but also improving. These are the Physical Therapy Private Practice owners who wear the hats of an entrepreneur, manager, and executive to bring about greater personal development for themselves and those around them

Episode at a glance:

  • Stop self-sacrificing!  You are just as important as anyone else so paying yourself less than your staff and working harder and longer is disrespectful to yourself.
  • You must invest in yourself for greater personal development and professional on your strengths and weakness. 
  • Be disciplined with your time. Stay commited to your schedule, and know your hat as the CEO.
  • Follow the four keys to business success – we created this course because we know that these four keys make a difference.
  • The best environment and ideal structure will attract the best personnel. Without these pieces in place – especially personnel with whom you are in agreement with – your systems of operation will be ineffective.
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