Episode 77: The Secret to Creating Maximum Clinical Efficiency

Recently in a webinar, I was asked the question: “How do I get my clinicians to be more efficient when I already have a bonus system and none of them ever make bonus?” I get that problem. But maybe there’s other listeners who are struggling with this as well? Are you looking to increase the clinical effectiveness/efficiency of your staff?  Learn about our game and key strategies in this week’s podcast.


  • Start with the basis – back to their date of hire and the status sheet with full agreement and levels of exchange.
  • They need to understand what quality of care is measured by percentage of kept, number of testimonials, percentage of return business, patient outcomes.
  • If you’re not considering the patient’s perception of their experience in your clinic, you’re missing the boat. If people aren’t singing your praises, you’re not winning with the patients.
  • Get back to the purpose of WHY they became a pt. Those answers should be one of two answers: To become the most skilled and talented professional who is capable to providing an abundance of care that leads to the greatest degree of patient improvement with each and every interaction, and/or to be able to master the most efficient method of delivering the highest quality of care to the greatest number of people possible per week. Thereby, as a result of more patients achieving optimum health you are creating a happier healthier community. 
  • There are a few key elements of this game: you need to be fully commited to participation, you need to be fully transparent surrounding
  1. Transparency  
  2. Acknowledgement 
  3. Appreciation 
  4. Validation 


  1. How is the Game is Played: The entire team must understand that they are the players on the field and our patients are the fans and it is the players jobs to gain as many raving fans as possible to support their success as a player.  The better they treat their fans and the greater their results are the better player they are. 
  1. Goals for the group are set by the Executives and the targets for the individuals post are created together with full commitment of participation with complete transparency. 
  1. One on One acknowledgement meetings are done each month for every employee along with regular informal communication demonstrating personal interest. 
  1. Monthly staff meetings to show appreciation of top performers in front of the group with certificates of achievement and rewards. 
  1. Employee incentive program that provides the highest level of exchange and gets paid out at least monthly and status of performance is fully validated by the executives. 


  1. Invest in you staff like you do your family members 
  1. Make sure you remove distractors immediately when found. 
  1. Hold in accountability across the board 

For more information on this topic or anything else please reach out to us in order to set up a time for us to talk about what’s on your mind. Getting some answers to your questions might have an immediate effect on what you can do right now to improve your quality of life in private practice. Because we pull from all three of our divisions: MEG billing solutions, MEG remote management services, and MEG Academy we have the depth of knowledge and experience to help you customize a solution that will meet your individualized needs. 

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