Episode 76: What to Know When Marketing a New Clinic

How much time do you need for an effective marketing plan for your new office?

This week, Brian is giving his top 3 actions to market a new practice that will yield the greatest return on investment of time (and money). You want to make an impression that is effective but not salesy. You want actions that are effective for the market demographic, the specialities you’re offering in your clinic, and your location in the country. All of these factors impact the effectiveness of your marketing actions. After working with many startups over recent weeks, we knew we had to talk about the successful marketing actions to really hit the ground running. So give this podcast a listen for the top three strategies to market your new practice.


  • Have an eight-week campaign prior to opening your doors that involve three main areas of priority.
  • Social media campaign should utilize ads, video.
  • Social media messages should consistently posted (at least two times per week), and need to add value.
  • Direct mail is not dead.
  • Marketing material should be helpful and unique.
  • Direct marketing to professionals (allied health, physicians, etc…) is to build rapport.
  • Be cognizant of your body language and how you communicate with others when marketing your practice.
  • Have an engaging and inviting website that is user friendly and shares information about your services and conditions that you treat

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