Episode 71: The Mechanics of Solving Problems

No matter where you are, who you are, or what it is you want to do – you can have it all. All you need to know is your purpose, and have a 100% commitment to persevere. The biggest characteristic that leverages you for success is the beingness. However, in order to execute successfully you have to have the knowledge and the actual doingness to succeed. The most common and biggest barrier to everyone’s success is themself

In order to be good at solving problems one must first understand the anatomy of what makes up a problem. All problems are two opposing forces of the equal magnitude without a concrete decision. Or, more simplistically, intention faced with counter intention. I would argue that the opposite of having problems is having agreement. So, the better able you are to bring about agreement with yourself, others, and groups the fewer problems you will have and the happier your life will be. 


  • When we look at problems we have with others, it’s easy to see how the majority of times, it is due to poor communication, the inability to confront, and the lack of personal evaluation skills to see others for who they truly are.
  • You have assemble others around you that share in the purposes, products, and policies you have established for your group to succeed. It takes transparency and constant reminders to those around you about the important role they play in terms of contributions toward achieving the goals of your group.
  •  No group succeeds alone in a vacuum without the interdependency upon other groups. Therefore, just like your evaluation skills must be high in order to appropriately invite the right individuals to your team, you must have equally high skill set in order to align your group with other groups that share in your philosophy, ethics, and mission. 
  • Finding other groups who can share in your values of wanting to give more in value to other groups through their services then what it is expected return, and likewise in return from other groups is truly one of the most important actions a leader can take toward reducing problems and increasing the likelihood of success. 
  • Keep your hat as the final decision maker. You can take input from the group, but be your own advisor.


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