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Episode 96: Successful Billing Tips to Increase Your Revenue

This week, we’re joined by Ali and Denise from our MEG Billing team to talk about how to have successful billing to increase your revenue in your practice. Whether you outsource your billing, or if you’re managing your billing in house – you know that getting paid is one of those top three challenges of any owner. So, we’re sharing what has helped the clients we work with be successful with their billing, and some recent changes to NCCI coding, and why communication is so key to the success of any partnership. 


  • The top three challenges of so many clients are marketing, recruiting, and getting paid. 
  • Transparency breeds trust — any outsourced partner should be fully transparent with their activities. 
  • 37% of all appeals, denials, and rejections happen at the front desk. This is usually because of a lack of policies and procedures, poor patient registration, or benefit verification. Training can help these recurring problems.
  • As of the new year the new NCCI edits came out – therapeutic activities code can not be used for an initial evaluation. This is NOT just for Medicare, but for 99% of payers.
  • Another change per Ali: if billing for manual therapy, you need to afix a 59 modifier to bill with an initial evaluation. Make sure your documentation represents this so that it doesn’t get rejected or held up for medical records review. 
  • Most billing software is equipped to handle these edits and changes. 
  • As an owner, outsource anything that is outside of generating more new business, improving patient or staff satisfaction, and enhancing the community and marketing resources – those should be your priorities as a business owner.

As always, thank you for listening. If you’re interested in learning more about our services for physical, occupational or speech language pathology practice owners, or if you want more personal attention then please call us at 727-268-8500 x 102, or visit our website at to schedule your own practice assessment call.

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