Episode 61: It Doesn’t Take More Money, It Takes Better People

Fact: it doesn’t take more money to build a better physical therapy practice. All it takes is better people. When I say better people, I mean you and me as owners and leaders of our groups. When asked, just about everyone will say that he or she can be better than what they are today. If this is true, then they would immediately understand that they have deficiencies and lack of capabilities.  

More significantly, I want to bring your attention to the fact that real success in any business is dependent on one’s abilities to bring about understanding amongst your team. The keyword here is “ability.” The only way your skills are going to grow in the field of private practice management is if you realize that you have deficiencies. If you acknowledge that you don’t know all there is to know about this field of practice. Let’s face it; physical therapy school did not sufficiently train us for the challenges that we face every day in the world of private practice. So, before we go criticizing the shortcomings of our staff and feel like we are adult babysitting, maybe it’s because we have not been sufficiently trained ourselves on how to be the best: recruiting director, personnel manager, billing director, clinical director, office administrator, marketing director, therapist and CEO for our business to begin with. 

 This week, we’re talking about how a lack of proper personnel management has placed owners in tough situations when all they factor in is money and justifying salaries.  


  • The practice owner who didn’t want to pay a candidate he thought was ideal for his practice, the $75,000 he was asking.
  • Why comparing new hires to current staff doesn’t make sense when it comes to compensation and why that shows a lack of personnel management understanding.
  • Learn how to best operate as a personnel manager in some specific situations such as that allow you to remain in “cause” and not in “effect” over your staff.
  • Why the example I refer to should have known exactly what his pay brackets are, what his raise matrix is and, bonus system with benefits down to the penny.
  • We can’t continue to treat employees as people with whom we’ve hired to exchange time for money.
  • Why company culture and highest staff satisfaction will only come to those owners who are well trained and consistently seeking self-improvement. 
  • Why you need to commit to professionally enhancing your staff each month on an ongoing basis.
  • Know that not all people you currently have on board in your practice should remain working for you. It is possible as your abilities grow and your understanding increases you will begin to see things you never saw before. (or maybe you did but, you allowed it or ignored it.)
  • How and why you should create a staff professional enhancement program internally with certificates of completion.
  • Commit only to those who have demonstrated their willingness and interest in becoming a better person and professional while at your practice.

Remember your practice is a private golf course meant for others to join your cause by invitation only. The more you become known for sticking to what you believe in, the more personal integrity you will be showing your team and the greater pride and production they will have while working for you every day. If you have any questions or want to talk about what’s going on in YOUR practice that might be holding you back, contact us for a FREE no-risk practice assessment. 


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