Episode 56: How to Best Market for New Patients

In podcast episode 49, I laid out the four types of owners and made the case that how you approach your practice and the people associated with your practice is what will have the greatest impact on your practice’s success. Every successful practice owner that I’ve ever met understands that they have four main responsibilities and everything else outside of that is simply a distraction. 

Consider outsourcing your accounting services, legal services, and billing services so that you have more time and attention to spend on the four key elements to running a successful practice. Getting stuck in the weeds of billing and collections, tax write-offs and deductions when you can hire somebody else to do that for you take your eye off of all of what’s truly important. That is creating the ideal practice for your staff, patients, referral sources, and the community at large. 

Episode at a glance:

  • Learn about the four main responsibilities as an owner
  • Approach marketing with the spirit of play. 
  • You NEED to have an annual marketing program that ties directly back to your business strategic plan based on the numbers.
  • The three main areas to focus on for building the ideal environment for more return business are company games, team building activities, company culture building actions.
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