Episode 54: What Does it Mean to Be A Practice in the Top 10%?

In order to become a private practice among the top 10%, there are several factors that need to be met. These key factors of success cannot be attained without the right mindset.  This week, Brian is talking about the factors that make the top 10% of practices and what YOU as the physical therapy owner can do to reach those goals.  

Episode at a glance:

  • You as a leader need to abandon your fears of failure, disappointment, and embarrassment.
  • Abandon the do-it-yourself attitude and know who you can learn from and who can contribute to your success.
  • Eliminate your emotional attachment to money and use it to forward your purpose and attain your goals. 
  • Stop wasting time by eliminating, automating, outsourcing, delegating, or replacing items on your NOT TO DO list.
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