Episode 52: Tips on How to Maximize Your Time

How many times have you said to yourself: “there just aren’t enough hours in the day.” Or, wondered as 5pm rolls up, “where has the time gone?!” Turning our focus inward to ourselves, allows us to take greater responsibility for our group by first taking more responsibility for our own actions.

It’s easy to blame others for missteps and inconveniences, but they are the ones that you chose to work with, trained and allowed their actions to exist. If you place more time on being a better boss and CEO first, and then put forth well-thought out policies and procedures to train others on, then it comes down to holding them accountable. Unfortunately, too many physical therapy practices are so busy running the day to day functions of being productive and getting work done, that they are not proficient at working on their practice policies and procedures or on standardizing systems of operations. This gives your team better clarity and certainty so they can get their jobs done. Giving this direction and confidence to others goes a long way towards building your team and company culture.


  • Being productive is the basis of high morale.
  • Don’t wear other people’s conditions.
  • Frustration from the owner comes from not knowing. The more myster, the more frustration they will have.
  • Be responsible for your own daily schedule. Be on time and always do what you say you’re going to do. Stick to your work schedule to remain on task.
  • Never stop answering the question to your staff of where the practice is going.
  • Confronting others is the act of saying what needs to be said. it is not an act of rudeness or cruel in any way.
  • People are counting on you to do and say what needs to said or done in the best interest of the group.
  • Know and understand the following documents: Annual BSP, Annual Marketing Plan, 2 month marketing campaigns on google, and weekly Management Action Plans.
  • Have appropriate meetings each week with fixed start and stop times for coordination. Similarly, stick to your work schedule to remain on task.

If you’re interested in learning more strategies to be a better executive or CEO, check out our MEG Academy trial which has a course dedicated to leadership and executive enhancement.

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