Episode 45: How the Best Practice Owners Get Ahead of Their Business

Now, more than ever, it is vital that you bet on you and not let your future be in the hands of others. Recently, I have met with several physical therapists set to discuss their future plans of opening up a private practice. However, their lack of knowledge in this area, was causing every single one of them worry and indecision. Between their own indecision, and counter-intentions from friends and family members, the chance of them not launching was high. 

The fear of failure is a powerful force that suppresses us at various points in our lives, but those who succeed, do not allow fears to hold them back. They take actions to fill these voids with knowledge to minimize the fear of the unknown. 

This week Brian talks about overcoming these fears and talks about how to achieve that personal and professional success - however you define it for yourself. Overcoming these fears doesn't happen without an appropriate level of communication, believing in yourself so you can confront others to bring about agreement. Listen to this week's episode for more strategies on success and overcoming the challenges holding you back. 


  • When one lacks certainty in an area, they will always choose to do nothing. It's the safest decision. However, one will never grow personally or professionally so long as they are in their comfort zone. 
  • You can go through life being the effect of others, or you can choose to be a cause over others and the things around you in your life. All successful business owners decide to be a cause. In order to be succcesful, get the knowledge you need to bring certain in the area of private practice
  • How you choose to react to situations is up to you. You must choose to respond and remain objective and not react.
  • The number one challenge is personnel management in every business. Personnel is also the number one reason that buisnesses fail to reach their expected outcomes. You can not be a leader and blame the failures on others. It is on YOU to master the skiils in order to bring about group agreement so all purposes and goals can be met. 

 If you want to chat more about changing your mindset, schedule a free consultation with Brian to discuss best practices in terms of managing your private practice or even best practices for effective leadership. Of course as always, leave us a comment if you have feedback or have any pressing questions that you'd love to hear about!

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