Episode 41: Changing the Game Through Innovation

As we embark on 2019, maybe it’s time that we begin considering innovative strategies to move our private practices out of 1995. After years of upgrading how physical therapy owners manage their practices and staff, we have to balance that with innovative practice techniques. These new techniques should not only get the results we want, but also build our brand of bringing the best patient care possible to the community.

We’re interviewing Jason Waz, PT of NeuPTTECH this week and talking about the science and results he’s seen with the Neubie electrical stimulator. Give this week’s podcast a listen for a special offer just for our listeners. 


  • Don’t be afraid to BE WILLING TO LOOK at new innovative ideas and strategies. Otherwise, you risk shutting yourself off to advancements in your practice. 
  • BECOMING EXPERIENCED is not just a singular even whereby it only depends on what you see, feel and touch yourself.  You can greatly increase your experiences in life through that of others by reading more and listening to more people and learning from their experiences as well as your own. 
  • Follow the 4-step decision making process: research, deliberate, decide, and act.  Make sure acting is velcroed to the decision step.  Making a decision is ineffective without corresponding action.
  • Follow the hybrid model for PT Practices whenever you can because the cash based model is good for the solo practitioner but not often successful for the common practice with multiple clinicians. 

About Jason Waz, PT

Jason has more than two decades of experience as a physical therapist.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Florida State University in 1994, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Pre-med/ Biology. He went on to Physical Therapy school at the University of Florida, graduating with high honors in 1996.  In 2006, Jason founded Competitive Edge Performance (CEP), a nationally recognized physical therapy practice where has had the privilege of helping some of the world’s best athletes recover from injury.

Jason has always been driven in his search for innovation and technology innovative in order to enhance outcomes while moving the field of physical therapy forward. In 2107, Jason discovered a pulsed Direct Current Electrical Stimulation device called the NEUBIE that has completely changed the way he treats his patients while achieving previously unseen outcomes. This discovery motivated Jason to form NeuPT Technologies, Inc., a company focused on brining the field of physical therapy into the next generation through education,  innovation and technology.

Jason lost his sister, Melissa at the young age of 47 in June 2018 after she was on long term pain meds for old sports related musculoskeletal injuries.  Because of this significant loss, Jason has been driven to find treatment alternatives to opioids, furthering the APTA’s PT for pain initiative.

“In more than 20 years in practice as a physical therapist, I can unequivocally state that I have never come across a technique or device that has a more profound effect on acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain as the NEUFIT device. This is next-generation physical therapy at its finest. My mission is to introduce new technology to PT practices everywhere in order to improve outcomes well beyond the industry standard, while providing a business model that will dramatically exceed the goals of the practitioner.”

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Contact Jason for more information on the special offer for our listeners.  

Finally, as always if you want more advice on your own practice to set 2019 up for your best year ever, schedule a consultation to chat about our virtual training, consulting or outsourced services. 

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